Corporal Derdram was an officer in the Imperial Navy.

He was a member of Imperial Intelligence, Internal Security division. Derdram was responsible for the physical safety of Imperial personnel against Rebel saboteurs. Derdram was stationed on the Executor by 3 ABY, however after the Battle of Hoth Derdram was present on the command bridge of the Avenger when the fugitive Millennium Falcon seemingly disappeared from the Star Destroyer's pursuit.

Behind the scenesEdit

In a later scene of Empire Strikes Back, when Admiral Firmus Piett gave the order to ready the tractor beams on the Executor during its attempted capture of the Millennium Falcon, reused footage was shown of the Avenger's crewmen, Derdram included. It is not known whether or not this was Derdram. While Derdram was part of the crew of the Executor, in Empire Strikes Back he is only seen aboard the Avenger.



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