Deredith Arden was a male Human and the captain of the colony ship that settled on the planet Bakura around 150 BBY.


Arden founded both Bakura and its capital city, Salis D'aar, and served as Prime Minister for eight years. The planet Arden was named after him. He may have been the progenitor of the Captison family; it is implied that he may have been either the grandfather or great-grandfather of Dol and Yeorg Captison.

After Arden's death, and faced with diminishing returns, the Bakur Mining Corporation faced an uncertain future; this may have been the factor that led to the power shift from the Corporation to the Bakuran Senate.

All titular heads-of-government of Bakura, until at last the end of Imperial control in 4 ABY, were descended from Arden.



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