Sergeant Derek Torent was a Human male senior watch trooper aboard the first Death Star's command center during the Galactic Civil War, having been hand-picked from the infantry division of the Imperial Navy. As such, his duties during this time included acting as a security guard, monitoring sensor arrays, and handling hangar traffic control on the Death Star.[2] In 0 BBY, he monitored external sensor data, always vigilant for Rebel activity. It is likely that he died aboard the Death Star when it exploded in the Battle of Yavin.

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Derek Torent was played by Robert van Kaphengst in Star Wars: Episode IV A New Hope.[3]

Sergeant Torent was among the characters who got an action figure from Kenner. He was originally called Death Squad Commander, but upon being released on a The Empire Strikes Back cardback, his action figure name was changed to Star Destroyer Commander, because the original name was too reminiscent of the death squads of Nazi Germany.

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