The Derilyn Space Defense Platform, or simply Derilyn Platform, was built by Rendili StarDrive.[1]


This platform had two saucer-shaped sections connected by a thick central fuselage and measured 4,225 meters in length. It was armed with 80 turbolaser batteries and 40 double turbolaser cannons along with the ability to house twelve squadrons worth of fighters. It could hold enough supplies to run for five years.[1]


This huge space station was placed in orbit around Derilyn by the Galactic Empire, when it took control of Elrood sector.[1]

Behind the scenesEdit

The Derilyn Space Defense Platform was first mentioned in the West End Games Roleplaying Game book Planets of the Galaxy, Volume Three and was featured in the subsequent RPG adventure Operation: Elrood. The Derilyn Platform was also present in the video game Star Wars: X-Wing Alliance, in the mission "Deep Space Strike Evaluation". In the game, the platform has the same appearance than in the West End Games books but with very different characteristics, such as a length of 757 meters.



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