"Congratulations, you want what all of us wanted: the freedom to be who we want to be."
Luke Skywalker to Darran Takkar[src]

Derran Takkar was an Imperial Moff, appointed to that position by Palpatine just before the Battle of Endor. In the many years of retreat, however, he lost control of his sector.

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"If I stopped you, you'd still be angry. If I let you stop yourself, a doorway to peace would open for you. You saw this as a travesty because, by marrying Mara, I was taking an important icon from you. But this is about starting a new life, not ending an old one. Come join with us, join the celebration."
"You can't mean it."
"I do. Let everyone see the rifts be healed."
―Luke Skywalker and Derran Takkar[src]

Shortly after the signing of the Pellaeon–Gavrisom Treaty, Takkar was a refugee on Dolis 3 with his wife, Anlys, and a small group of followers. Angered both personally and politically by the situation, he got into the palace in Ithorian uniform by tunnels and threatened that he would send a virus to New Republic computer network through the use of a dead man's switch; however, he had a change of heart after Luke spoke to him.

Takkar at the wedding of Luke Skywalker and Mara Jade.

After he had calmed down, Takkar observed that Luke could have simply kept the switch depressed with the Force while Takkar was subdued. He was curious why Luke had instead chosen to reason with him.

Takkar accepted this invitation and defected to the New Republic. As it turned out, the virus he had threatened to use would not have worked anyways, since security measures against that specific danger had been in place for years.

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