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Derren Flet was an architect who worked for Jabba Desilijic Tiure.


Flet worked as Jabba's chief architect.[2] The Hutt had him commission the Khetanna and his fleet of skiffs from the Ubrikkian Corporation.[1] Flet also designed additions to his palace on Tatooine, focusing on the dungeons.[1] Flet provided Jabba with almost everything he wanted, making the palace function as both a stately manor and fortress; however, he failed to provide adequate space for Jabba's prisoners, leaving the existing dungeons intact. This made Jabba so furious that he had Flet killed immediately.[2][3]

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Derren Flet's possible appearance.

Jabba's architect from Star Wars: Republic: Outlander may be the same character as Derren Flet. An explicit connection between them has not yet been established in canon, although both are considered famous[2][4] and Jabba has only been referenced as having a single architect.[3]


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