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"Descent" is the nineteenth episode of Star Wars Resistance Season One. It aired on March 3, 2019.

Official description[]

Now on the radar of the First Order, Kaz and Yeager must act quickly to save the Colossus — and their friends.

Plot summary[]

First Order justice[]

The episode opens with First Order stormtroopers herding Kazuda Xiono towards the other members of Team Fireball. Commander Pyre announces that they are all under arrest for conspiring against the First Order. Jarek Yeager angrily denounces these as false charges and demands that they prove it or get out. Commander Pyre responds that Resistance spies were spotted in First Order territory and asks Yeager if he has been to Sector Epsilon 51-3.

Yeager says he has never heard of it but Pyre counters that they have visual confirmation that the Fireball intruded in an off-limits sector. He orders his stormtroopers to impound the ship. Tamara Ryvora is distraught and tells Kaz to tell them it was all a mistake. Kaz bows his head and tells Tam that it is complicated. Tam is shocked.

Skirmish in Yeager's repairs[]

Commander Pyre orders his troopers to take them into custody. However, R1-J5 ("Bucket") shifts a crate and unleashes a white foam which confuses the stormtroopers and allows Team Fireball to escape. Bucket dodges blaster fire while Yeager strikes two stormtroopers with a crate, knocking them over the edge of the platform.

Neeku Vozo signals for Tam to join him and CB-23 behind a crate. Yeager orders Neeku to open his office. Neeku responds that he told him on many occasions not to do it but Yeager tells him to just do it. Neeku rushes to the office while Tam says this is not right and that it is just a misunderstanding. Neeku enters the office and Kaz and Yeager follow. Pyre orders his troopers not to let them escape. However, CB-23 uses a hoversled to knock them.

Pyre aims his blaster at CB-23 but instead decides to shoot Bucket, damaging the astromech droid and sending him falling over the edge. Yeager cries out for his astromech droid but Kaz tells him that he is gone and that they have to go. Yeager and Kaz call for Tam to follow them but she decides to stay behind and surrender herself to the stormtroopers. Kaz cries out for Tam and tries to reach for her but Yeager orders him to get inside.

After the door shuts, Pyre orders his men to open the door. Tam tells Pyre not to shoot and surrenders. Pyre remarks that it seems her friends have left her to take the fall, asking her if her name is Miss Ryvora. A stormtrooper orders Tam to come with them and Tam protests that she is not a Resistance spy. Pyre says of course she is not and orders one of his troops to take her to the Doza Tower holding cells. Tam tells the stormtrooper to stop pushing as she is led away. She also watches the stormtroopers using their blasters to burn through the blast door.

Fugitives from the First Order[]

Inside Yeager's office, Kaz asks why Tam didn't come with them. Yeager replies that she is confused and tells Kaz to hurry. As Yeager leads the group into another door, Neeku is perplexed at why the First Order wants to arrest them. Neeku says that they are not spies but mechanics. Kaz tells Neeku that he is a Resistance spy. Neeku at first doesn't believe Kaz and demands to know why they are being pursued. CB-23 beeps in Binary.

Kaz tells Neeku that it is not a joke and confirms that he is a real spy. He says that the First Order is now after them. Neeku responds this joke is getting less humorous. Yeager tells them to keep quiet. Above the grating, they overhear a stormtrooper telling his comrades to secure this sector and to search for the fugitives. Yeager tells Kaz and Neeku to talk less and walk more.

Informing Captain Doza[]

At Captain Imanuel Doza's office, Torra Doza tells her father that they can't go on pretending to be compliant with the First Order. Captain Doza replies that he is doing what he can from the inside but it is difficult. He says that they need to contact the New Republic. Just then, Commander Pyre enters the office and asks Captain Doza if he is not interrupting. After exchanging pleasantries, he informs Captain Doza that they have identified a Resistance cell on his platform.

When Captain Doza asks who are the spies, Commander Pyre identifies them as Jarek Yeager and his cohorts. Doza looks shocked as Commander Pyre adds that only one of them was captured. When Doza asks why the suspect was detained, Pyre replies that the suspect is facing charges for sector violation, conspiracy, and sedition among other charges.

When Torra asks if it was Kaz, Pyre replies that they have his friend Tam Ryvora in custody. He reassures Captain Doza that they will all be found soon. Pyre then activates his helmet's comlink and tells security to prepare the docking bay for an incoming ship. Doza asks if he is bringing more troops but Pyre replies that Agent Tierny of the First Order Security Bureau will be questioning Miss Ryvora. He then leaves the office with Captain Doza following suit.

Fugitives and Agent Tierny[]

Yeager leads Kaz, Neeku, and CB-23 through the labyrinthine passages. Yeager says they need to send a message to the Resistance but Kaz insists on saving Tam first. Yeager insists on getting a message to the Resistance first. Neeku thinks this is impossible since the First Order has blocked all communications. Just then, stormtroopers above them hear them speaking. The fugitives flee as stormtroopers open the trapdoor and fire stun bolts at them.

Meanwhile, an Upsilon-class command shuttle lands on a Colossus docking bay. Captain Doza, Commander Pyre and several stormtroopers greet Agent Tierny, who walks down the docking ramp. After Pyre greets her, Tierny asks if the remaining Resistance spies have been found. Pyre says not yet but promises to catch them soon. Tierny wants to speak with Tam Ryvora since she believes she could be of some assistance.

Friends in low places[]

Yeager, Kaz, and Neeku run through the tunnels with stormtroopers in hot pursuit. Yeager leads them down a corridor but another group of stormtroopers opens the trapdoor above. Neeku and Kaz turn to flee. Kaz tells Neeku to go ahead and turn left where they are joined by Yeager and CB-23. However, they are cornered by stormtroopers. One of them orders the mechanics to surrender.

Just then, the trapdoor below them opens and the four fall down into the engineering deck where they are picked up by several Chelidae (or "Shell folk"). Neeku lands on top of Kaz and remarks that it was quite fun except for the landing part. Kaz and his friends are greeted by the human refugees from Tehar, Kel and Eila. Eila asks Kaz if he is actually a Resistance spy. When Kaz asks how they knew that, Kel replies that they heard him through the vents and remarks that they were really loud.

Neeku chides Kaz for deceiving the children through his absurd joke-telling. Yeager tells the kids that they need a place to lay low. Eila says they know the safest spots down here and tells them that there is lot of places to hide. Kaz tells them they can't stop running and need to find Tam.

The "good cop"[]

Meanwhile, Tam protests her innocence as she is led by stormtroopers into Captain Doza's office. There, she is greeted by Captain Doza, Agent Tierny, and Commander Pyre. Agent Tierny tells the stormtroopers to release her because those binders are not necessary. She apologizes to Tam for their lack of hospitality.

Tierny says she has a few simple questions for Tam. She asks Tam if she knows anything about the Resistance. Tam says she knows nothing about them. Tierny claims that the Resistance are a violent and dangerous group who are disavowed even by the New Republic. When Tam asks what that has got to do with her, Tierny asks if Tam has had any contact with Commander Poe Dameron. Tam confirms she has not met Poe but has heard that he is a friend of Yeager and Kaz.

Tierny explains that Dameron is a Resistance agent who has destroyed several ships in "unprovoked" attacks. Captain Doza asks if knowing a Resistance pilot is a crime. Tierny calmly reassure Doza that they are trying to get to the bottom of this. She tells Doza that these interruptions are interfering with her questioning and leads Ryvora into the turbolift. Doza demands to know where she is taking Tam but Tierny does not answer.

Reunion with Bucket[]

Meanwhile, Kel and Eila lead Yeager, Kaz, Neeku, and CB-23 through the engineering deck into their safe space. There, they are reunited with a repaired Bucket who greets a relieved Yeager. Kel explains that the "Shell Folk" snagged him in one of their fishing nets.

Neeku dramatically asks if their plan is to live down here forever and never again to see the sun and stars. Kaz reassures Neeku that they are going to send a message to the Resistance, free Tam, and get the First Order off the Colossus. Neeku thinks this is a much better plan and says he doesn't know how they will do it but admits it is a good plan nonetheless.

Winning hearts and minds[]

Back at Doza Tower, Tierny leads Tam into the luxurious Aces' Lounge. She asks Tam if she would like something and asks the service droid to serve her guest some refreshments. Tam is taken aback by Tierny's good treatment. Tierny remarks that is not what Tam expected and tells her she is not a monster. She asserts that the First Order's goal is galactic peace through absolute order and nothing more. The droid brings Tam her drink.

Tierny says she understands how hard it is for Tam to trust anybody. Tam says this is a misunderstanding and denies that Yeager, Kaz, and Neeku are spies. Tierny asks, "Really?" and touches her datapad. She asks Tam what she knows about Kaz. Tam thinks that Kaz is a poor kid from Coruscant who just wants to race.

Tierny questions Kaz's claim that he is poor and tells Tam that Kazuda Xiono hails from one of the wealthiest families on Hosnian Prime. Tam is shocked. Tierny reveals that Kaz is also a pilot in the New Republic Navy who was recruited to serve in the Resistance. Tierny shows Tam Kaz's service record. She admits that she suspected something was going on with Kaz and expresses shock that Kaz was a spy.

A fool's plan[]

Down in the engineer deck, Kaz and the others are studying a map of the Colossus. Kaz thinks that their plan is not going to work and that they need to disable the jammer at the top of the Colossus. Yeager points out that the jammer is at the top of Doza Tower where they have doubled security. He says that there is no way they will get up there without getting caught. Bucket beeps.

Kaz says he has got a crazy idea and proposes dropping the entire Colossus platform underwater. Yeager says this will destroy the station but Kaz tells him to hear him out. On the map on the screen, Kaz proposes lowering the entire station until Doza Tower is sitting above the ocean. He then proposes swimming up to Doza Tower and shutting it down. Kaz remarks that it is so crazy that it is brilliant. Neeku responds that Kaz's plan is crazy because if they lower the station without closing the security doors, the station will flood and everyone will drown.

Kaz responds that they need to get a message to Doza to seal all the hatches. He asks CB-23 if she can handle that. The droid beeps back in Binary. Yeager warns that if they are not careful they could risk the entire station sinking to the bottom of the ocean.

Enlisting Captain Doza's help[]

Later, CB-23 rolls through the corridors but hides when the First Order BB-series astromech droid MB-13A arrives carrying refreshments on its head. CB-23 lures the droid into a corner where it is ambushed. CB-23 then steals the refreshments and approaches a stormtrooper who permits her inside Doza Tower. The stormtrooper remarks that he guesses that passes for food around here.

CB-23 takes the turbolift up to Doza Tower where she finds Captain Doza and Torra. Captain Doza says that he did not call for food service but Torra recognizes the droid as Kaz's new "rollie." In Binary, CB-23 tells Doza that Kaz is going to sink the station into the ocean so that only the Tower remains. Captain Doza asks if she is sure that it is the only way to get the message out. CB-23 nods her head while Doza responds that this is the craziest plan he has ever heard. Torra says she knows excitedly but acknowledges it could be dangerous.

CB-23 returns to Kaz with a hologram recording from Captain Doza telling him to do it and that he will seal the hatches from here. Doza jokes that if Kaz damage his station, he better hope that the First Order gets to him first. Torra giggles that it will be so much fun. As Kaz smiles, Neeku explains that they will need to decrease ballast and increase downward thrust. Neeku is excited.

Sinking the Colossus[]

Yeager explains he is shutting down the main turbines and counts to three. The turbines come to a halt throughout the Colossus. When Kaz asks if it is going to sink, Yeager replies that he believes that Kaz can sink this station.

On the surface, speagulls begin stirring at the Colossus marketplace. Residents watch as the platform begins sinking. In Ace Lounge, a shaken Tam asks what is going while Tierny tells her to stay her because she is going to find out. The serving droid drops his dishes and tray. Tierny takes the turbolift to Captain Doza's office and demands to know what is happening.

Doza claims that they are experiencing a reactor malfunction and are sinking. He tells Commander Pyre and Agent Tierny they have to seal the hatches or the entire platform will be flooded. Pyre orders him to do it and to lockdown their ships. Via comlink, Captain Doza informs his citizens to evacuate the docks and to proceed to emergency shelters immediately. He warns them this is not a drill while Torra scurries after her pet Buggles. The other Ace Squadron pilots including Freya Fenris, Bo Keevil, and Griff Halloran run last her. Torra admits this was not as fun as she had imagined.

Captain Doza announces that he is sealing all bulkheads while Opeepit watches in shock as the hatches are sealed. The Colossus begins sinking beneath the waves. Several residents including Jooks watch through the windows.

Taking out the jammer[]

In the engineering level, Kaz signals to Neeku that the inner hatch has been sealed. Neeku tells Kaz he is opening the outer hatch and to have fun. Yeager says he doubts this plan but follows Kaz down the hatch into the sea. They are joined by CB-23. Neeku opens a second trapdoor from above and the three descend beneath the Colossus' engineering deck. Kaz and Yeager wear breath masks. They use CB-23 to propel themselves towards Doza Tower.

Inside Doza's office, Captain Doza remarks that the station holds. When Agent Tierny asks how long until they can fix it, Doza says he will check it now. While Doza contacts engineering, Agent Tierny confides with Commander Pyre that she finds the timing of this accident suspicious especially with three Resistance agents running amuck. Pyre expresses agreement with Tierny's sentiments.

Meanwhile, Yeager, Kaz, and CB-23 climb out of the water. Kaz is exhausted but Yeager tells him they are not there yet and helps Kaz up. They climb Doza Tower and reach the communications jammer. Yeager and Kaz try to tamper with the jammer. Yeager manages to remove a rack which causes the jammer to switch off.

Inside Doza's office, he claims they have taken too much water and says that he can't raise the station. Just then, Commander Pyre receives news that the jammer has gone offline. Doza claims it is water damage but Tierny points out that Doza Tower is still above sea level. Pyre vows to get to the bottom of this and orders two stormtroopers to follow him.

Kaz's message[]

Outside, Kaz tells CB-23 to transmit a message to General Leia Organa. Speaking while CB-23 is recording, he identifies himself and tells General Organa that the First Order has taken complete control of the Colossus. He explains they are in total lockdown and in danger. He request for help immediately. Yeager tells Kaz that he is not the most experienced spy but will fight alongside him anyday. Kaz smiles.

Just then, Pyre exits a hatch with stormtroopers. Kaz replies hopefully today as Yeager exchanges fire with the stormtroopers. He shoots the door shut, separating Pyre from his men. Kaz receives a message from the Resistance while Yeager exchanges fire with Pyre and his men. Kaz thanks CB-23 before hiding behind the jammer. Kaz tells Yeager we did it.

Yeager praises him before pushing Kaz into the sea. Yeager sends CB-23 after Kaz before he is captured by stormtroopers. Pyre orders his men to get him inside.

In the distance, the Warbird gang sails the oceans aboard their sail barge Galleon while a flock of speagulls fly by. On the deck, Valik informs Kragan she has received a coded transmission from the Colossus. Kragan tells her to unscramble it. She plays Kazuda Xiono's recording warning that the First Order has taken control of the station completely and pleading for help. Synara San listens with concern.

Birth of the Colossus resistance[]

Meanwhile, Kaz and CB-23 resurface in the engineering deck. When Neeku asks where is Yeager, Kaz breaks the news that the First Order captured him. Kel is shocked and asks what about the Resistance. Kaz asks CB-23 if she downloaded all of the message. She beeps and plays a recording from General Organa.

General Organa tells Kaz that she has received his message. She explains that the Resistance forces are few and divided. She apologizes that she has no starships to spare but that she is sending them the coordinates of the Resistance's next base. She tells him to join them there if Kaz can leave Castilon. She reassures Kaz that he is not alone in fighting oppression and tells him may the Force be with him.

Neeku asks Kaz why didn't he tell him he was with the Resistance. Eila asks if the Resistance is coming and if they are alone. Kaz reassures them that they are not alone and that all of them are the Resistance. He vows to free their friends and take back the Colossus.


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