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"What a desolate place this is."
C-3PO, upon arrival on Tatooine[src]

The desert landscape of the planet Jakku

Deserts were planetary regions covered almost completely by sparse terrain that received little precipitation. They were dry, desolate, and often harsh regions.[1] On Tatooine, sandstorms proved dangerous to local populations,[2] and some citizens worked as moisture farmers to pump moisture from beneath the desert floor.[1] The planet Jakku also contained a desert.[3] Another example of a desert planet was Er'Kit.[4] While Tatooine[1] and Jakku had golden tan sand,[3] Er'kit had red sand.[4]

Planets with desert environments included Abafar,[5] Absanz,[6] Ammon IV,[7] Atollon,[8] Camson,[9] Cantonica,[10] Chaaktil,[11] Cona,[12] Dallenor,[13] Daxam IV,[14] Dinzo,[15] Er'Kit,[4] Florrum,[16] Garel,[17] Geonosis,[18] GUHL-JO387O,[19] Jakku,[3] Mokivj,[20] Moraband,[21] Oktaro,[22] Oon,[23] Pasher,[24] Ponemah Terminal,[12] Savareen,[25] Seelos,[26] Skaradosh,[27] Sriluur,[28] Tatooine,[1] Taul,[29] Thrad,[9] Wecacoe,[30] the Wellspring of Life,[31] and Zyzar.[32]


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