"In the place where Kibh Jeen fell victim to the dark side, others have begun to be lost as well. It seems that the problem with the kaluthin on Almas was only the beginning."
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Desert Cries is an adventure for the The Star Wars Roleplaying Game from Wizards of the Coast. It is the second episode of the Almas, Sweet Almas trilogy and part of the Living Force Campaign. The adventure was written by Adam Burns and released in 2002.[1]

The adventure is designed to take about three and a half hours to complete.[2] The statistics throughout the adventure are tiered to allow for player characters from first to ninth level to participate.[1]

Plot summaryEdit

The Remembrance Hall, a museum on Almas, is attacked by terrorists. Headmaster Lanius Qel-Bertuk orders all students to return to headquarters, but one group, who left under Jedi Master Kirlocca on a camping trip, does not respond. A search party is assembled, but it too disappears, leaving only a furtive recording as to its whereabouts.[3] The player characters are tasked with locating both Kirlocca's group and the first search team and bringing them back to base.[4]

The player characters depart. En route, they find the wreckage of the first rescue team's craft under the care of a team of Squib salvagers. The player characters bargain with the salvage leader for access to the wreck. There they find the body of Alkin Saad, padawan of the Duros Jedi and leader of the rescue team, Tantron Dow.[5] Suddenly, Dow, confused and deranged, attacks all present,[4] thinking them responsible for the death of his padawan. The characters calm the Jedi, and he points them in the direction he was headed when he went down.[6]

The party next moves on to Kirlocca's campsite. They find a dead Jedi there but not much else.[6] As they prepare to head out in their speeder, they are attacked and forced to crash land. They discover Hary'nkel, an injured Twi'lek padawan, who reveals that the camping trip was interrupted when a Jedi named Syr Tal-Soten suddenly attacked Jedi Master Kirlocca. The Jedi fled into the Almas Wasteland. The sound of a lightsaber battle in the distance compels the player characters to climb to higher ground to get a better view.[7] They see Kirlocca and his campers facing off against some Jedi and a Tarasin Force Adept. The player characters help subdue the attacking Jedi, who are apparently under the sway of the dark side. Kirlocca sends the characters to find the padawan Misha Quor-Din, whom he sent to hide during the battle.[8]

As they wander through a forest of stone, the player characters hear a human female voice crying in the distance. They follow her cries and find the entrance to a cave with blood on the ground outside. A probe droid destroys itself at the cave entrance and collapses the only visible entrance. The player characters are brought back to Almas Academy to plan what to do next.[9]


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Notes and referencesEdit

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