This article is about a guerrilla movement on Ord Cestus. You may be looking for the Jedi known as Desertwind.

The Desert Wind was an anarchist guerrilla movement that was formed to combat the oppression of Cestus Cybernetics on the planet of Ord Cestus during "the Uprisings" around 121 BBY. In 51 BBY, Thak Val Zsing became head of the organization. Desert Wind carried out large amounts of kidnappings, but was not known to kill its hostages. Skot OnSon was its youngest member, and Resta Shug Hai was its only X'Ting member. The movement was finally defeated in 22 BBY.

Kit Fisto took Advanced Recon Commando A-98 and some clone commandos to try to resurrect it a year later during the Clone Wars. He and Obi-Wan Kenobi were sent there to try and stop the Confederacy of Independent Systems from adding a Force-sensitive bio-droid called the JK-13 security droid, nicknamed the Jedi-Killer, to their army. Kit and the clones trained and recruited new members. The Desert Wind camp was attacked by droids and many people were lost. Kit, Obi-Wan, two clone troopers and half of the Desert Wind soldiers survived and escaped.



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