"Desix separated from the Republic years ago, Commander. We are an independent system."
―Governor Tawni Ames[1]

Desix was a planet that broke away from the Galactic Republic prior to the Clone Wars and joined the Confederacy of Independent Systems. After the reorganization of the Galactic Republic into the Galactic Empire, Imperial forces initially attempted to peacefully oust the governor of the planet, Tawni Ames. She refused and took the Imperial-picked governor deployed to the planet, Grotton, hostage. As a result, the Empire deployed a squad of stormtroopers led by Clone Commander Cody, which successfully quelled the resistance, eliminated Ames, and installed Imperial rule onto the planet.


"Your loyalty and determination are commendable. Which is why I have a mission for you on the planet Desix. As far as Separatist worlds are concerned, it's rather remote. I normally wouldn't pay it any mind, but an issue has arisen."
―Vice Admiral Edmon Rampart[1]

Desix was a remote, arid planet that was covered in rocky terrain. Frequent sandstorms plagued the planet and at least three celestial bodies were close to the planet. The rocks and sand on the planet were tinted orange-red. From space, it looked like an orange ball with shades of purple and brown including a distinct golden glow. A city was located on the planet surrounded by vast farmlands which served as the seat of power for Governor Tawni Ames of Desix then later, Govenor Grotton.[1]


Republic Era[]

At some point, before the Clone Wars, Desix left the Galactic Republic and became an independent system[1] that joined the Confederacy of Independent Systems.[2] Governor Tawni Ames hailed from the planet. During the Clone Wars, she teamed up with Mina Bonteri and several Separatist and Republic Senators alike to put forth a treaty to end the Clone Wars. The treaty was rejected by Supreme Chancellor Sheev Palpatine and the Clone Wars continued[1] until 19 BBY.[3]

Age of the Empire[]

Maintaining independence[]

"As I have told your government, Desix does not fall under Imperial jurisdiction."
―Governor Tawni Ames[1]

Newly appointed Governor Grotton arrives on Desix

After the formation of the Galactic Empire, Desix became a holdout of the Confederacy with the Empire attempting to reclaim the planet peacefully. However, Govenor Ames refused to submit to Imperial jurisdiction and transfer power to Grotton, leading to him and a squad of recruited TK troopers to arrive on the planet and claim control, but quickly failed with a battalion of B1-series battle droids surrounding the newly appointed governor and his squad leading to them becoming hostages.[1]

The hostage situation led Vice Admiral Rampart to deploy Clone Commander Cody, clone commando Crosshair, and a clone stormtrooper squad to the planet in the mission to Desix. While in Desix's airspace, the Nu-class attack/transport shuttle carrying the clone troopers was shot down by RPS-6 rocket launchers. This caused the shuttle to crash land in Sector Five of the farmlands close to the city.[1]


Governor Tawni Ames observing the crash landing at Sector Five.

The surviving clone troopers traveled to the city while facing reprogrammed Separatist droids. The squad successfully managed to enter the city with Cody, Crosshair, "Nova," and "Wyler" splitting off to take the north while the rest of the squad took the south of the city. The squad who took north later entered the bell tower, where the tactical droid and Ames were located. However, they were attacked by droidekas, who killed Wyler. After using electromagnetic pulse grenades to disable them, they continued their advance before Nova was killed by commando droids. Cody and Crosshair finally took out the T-series tactical droid at the top of the bell tower before advancing in to search for Grotton. They then discovered Ames pointing her blaster pistol at him. After a brief standoff, Ames let Grotton go after Cody convinced her that they could resolve the conflict between the Empire and her people peacefully. Grotton on the other hand ordered Cody to kill Ames immediately after being released. Cody tried to reason with Grotton, saying he had just promised to spare Ames, so Crosshair killed her instead, with Grotton ordering that her body be put in the city square to serve as a warning to not rebel against the Empire.[1]

Imperial takeover[]

Distraught, Cody left with Crosshair and the remains of the squad on a shuttle departing from Desix while TK trooper reinforcements began securing the planet in the name of the Empire.[1]


A city was located on the planet and served as the headquarters of Govenor Tawni Ames then later Governor Grotton. The city itself was heavily fortified with only one known entrance that could be accessed via a bridge.[1]

Behind the scenes[]

Desix first appeared in "The Solitary Clone," the third episode in the second season of Star Wars: The Bad Batch,[1] released on January 11, 2023.[4]



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