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This article is about the Imperial-class Star Destroyer. You may be looking for the Cold War superweapon.
"The Imperial Star Destroyer Desolator was lost in space today, due to collision with the rogue star G-138."
―Imperial news bulletin[src]

The Desolator was an Imperial-class Star Destroyer serving as a flagship under the command of Admiral Grendreef during the Galactic Civil War.


"We'll visit this Rebel planet personally. No need for the rest of the Navy to know about until after the job is finished."
―Admiral Grendreef[src]

In 5 BBY, the Desolator attacked and destroyed a space station, manned by insurgents over Yag'Dhul. A smuggler moon base that had observed the battle was caught in the line of fire and destroyed as well.[7] During the Galactic Civil War, it was the flagship of Admiral Grendreef[5] and patrolled the Greater Javin region and staged its patrols from the planet Kirtarkin.[8] When the Empire established a secret naval base on the planet of Miser in the Bespin system, the Desolator was assigned for protection.[6]

After a group of Imperial Survey Corps scouts had found and escaped from the Rebel safe world of Isis with the Corellian gunship Handree, they had set a strait course for Miser. However, Rebel agents had managed to sneak onboard the Handree before the Imperials could escape.[9] Once the gunship had left hyperspace, it was captured by Grendreef and the Desolator, the Rebel agents were arrested and brought to the base on Miser. Although Gredreef quickly gained access to the Isis coordinates, he chose to keep the secret to himself until he had interrogated the Rebels and then destroyed the base.[3]

The Rebels however, managed to escape with the help of Ulthar Blaze, a Rebel spy stationed on Miser.[10] Grendreef, faced with the Rebels loose in his base, quickly fled to his personal shuttle, with the plan to jump to Isis as fast as possible. The Rebels disguised themselves as stormtroopers, boarded the shuttle before Grendreef and infiltrated the Desolator.[11] With only twenty minutes left before the jump, the Rebels removed the coordinates of Isis from nav-computer's data banks and settings and replaced the computer's program with one of their own, sending the Desolator into the rogue star G-138,[12] destroying the ship and killing everyone onboard, while the Rebels escaped with the Handree. Imperial news agencies later denied any Rebel involvment in the destruction of the Star Destroyer.[6]

Behind the scenesEdit

The Desolator was created for The Isis Coordinates and serves as the stage in the final chapter of the adventure.

Alternative outcomesEdit

In RPG adventure The Isis Coordinates's final chapter, the Rebel agents (the players) infiltrate the Desolator. They have to steal the previously captured gunship Handree and delete the coordinates of the safeworld Isis from the Navcomputer before the Star Destroyer jumps to hyperspace. Should the coordinates be deleted and/or replaced by random numbers, the jump will be aborted and an alarm will go off, resulting in the capture of the players. Should the players choose to replace the nav-computer's programs, they have three options (in form of a puzzle): Delete the coordinates, this time without setting off an alarm, but that would still leave them and the Handree trapped with the Desolator in the same system. The second option is to replace the coordinates with another set from the data banks. Since the Isis coordinates would be deleted, the safeworld would have been saved. If the players can't come up with any ideas, Ulthar Blaze, an NPC would suggest this option. The third program would alter the course of the Star Destroyer, sending it into a rogue star. This option is chosen in the article.

Should the Rebels fail to execute any of these options, the Desolator arrives at Isis and commences an orbital bombardment, which devastates the world. The Rebel agents would end up trapped on the Star Destroyer.



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