"Of course you've never lost everything."
"Not everything, no. But I've had my share of losses."
"What, promotions? The last dessert cube in the mess line?"
―Sorro and Gilad Pellaeon[1]

A dessert cube was a food edible by Humans and served in Imperial mess halls[1] by 0 ABY. That year,[2] during Lord Odo's visit to[1] the Imperial II-class Star Destroyer[3] Chimaera, Commander Gilad Pellaeon had a conversation with Odo's pilot, Sorro, in which the latter mockingly compared Pellaeon's losses to as small a thing as not getting a dessert cube.[1]

Behind the scenes[]

A dessert cube was first mentioned in the 2011 novel Choices of One, which was written by Timothy Zahn.[1]


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