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"Destiny" is the third episode of The Acolyte. The episode was written by Jasmyne Flournoy and Eileen Shim.[1] Its events take place sixteen years before the events of the two-episode premiere.

Official description[]

On a mysterious planet, the tragic journey of two sisters begins.

Plot summary[]

Meditating in the woods[]

On the planet Brendok sixteen years earlier, a younger Verosha Aniseya ("Osha") is meditating in a forest grove beneath a bunta tree. She admires a butterfly-like insect. Her sister Mae-ho Aniseya ("Mae") finds her meditating. When Osha says the bunta tree is beautiful, Mae replies that the tree is dangerous. Osha responds that only its fruit is dangerous. Mae uses her Force powers to suspend the insect until Osha tells her to let the creature go. When Osha questions her violent tendencies, Mae counters by asking why she always has to run off.

Osha is not keen on doing the Ascension, a ritual practiced by witches on Brendok, but Mae insists it is only a ceremony. Osha agrees to accompany her sister back. While walking through the forest, they reaffirm their connection as twins, stating that they are always one despite being born as two. While walking a circle and interlacing fingers, they make a vow to be there for each other. The twins are interrupted by the Zabrak Mother Koril, who chastises them for leaving the fortress walls and venturing into the woods. When Osha protests, Koril says that the rules are for their safety. Koril leads the girls back to the fortress. A younger Jedi Master Sol watches from behind a tree.

Mother Aniseya's coven[]

Later, the sisters and Koril enter a mountain fortress populated by females of various species. The two sisters want some spice creams but Mother Koril initially refuses as punishment for leaving the fortress. She relents and says they can have it after the ceremony. Their Mother Aniseya overrules Koril, saying that her girls must have sweet treats. She tells the girls to meet in the common room for training.

In private, Koril complains about the girls running away but Aniseya responds that nobody saw them escaping. Koril also tells her that the Jedi offworlders have moved inland, but Aniseya thinks their coven is safe from the prying eyes of the Jedi. Koril is concerned about Osha frequently running away and thinks Aniseya is being too lenient. Aniseya responds that it is normal for a child to test boundaries. Koril says that the twins are not normal children.

Later at a coven meeting, Aniseya teaches about the coven's belief in a "Thread" connecting all things. She conjures a thread of thin energy with her hands and uses it to summon a blue fruit, which she passes to the girls. Osha snatches it. While some call the Thread the Force, Aniseya counters that they believe that the Thread is not a power that can be wielded. She says that if you pull the Thread, it changes everything. She emphasizes that the Thread is tied to one's destiny and that it binds them to others.

Aniseya gets two of her followers to volunteer for a demonstration. They attempt to block her telekinetic approach but Aniseya easily scatters them. She talks about the upcoming Ascension tonight, saying that more power will be displayed. Osha and Mae squabble in the background, prompting Aniseya to discipline them by using the Thread to push them to the ground. Aniseya then asks the two sisters to practice their powers with her. Despite some difficulty, Mae manages to deflect Aniseya's telekinetic push. Osha shelters behind her sister. Koril warns Osha that she expects more from her.

Osha's doubts[]

While the twins leave for their room with a chaperone, Koril gazes at a generator. In their room, Mae tells Aniseya that Osha is nervous about the Ascension ceremony tonight. Aniseya speaks to Osha directly. When Osha says she does not want to go to the Ascension, Mae says this is how they become witches. Osha is unsure about becoming a witch but Mae is insistent. Aniseya gets the sister to hold hands together, explaining that the Thread tied them together before they were born. She tells them to love each other. Mae encourages Osha.

Aniseya explains that Ascension is about walking through fear and sacrificing a part of yourself, the power of many instead of the power of one. She warns Osha that the galaxy is a place that does not welcome women with special powers like them.

The Ascension[]

Later that night, members of the coven gather above a deep crater in a mountain under two crescent moons. While getting their hair styled for the Ascension by two handmaid witches, Osha and Mae talk about spice creams. Mae sees Osha drawing in her journal. Osha objects when Mae hides it. When Mae complains about Osha hiding things from her, Osha says she sometimes wants to spend time alone doing things herself. Mae insists they are one but Osha says they are separate individuals. The two sisters are the only children in the community. Osha is curious about the wider galaxy outside Brendok but Mae believes that everything they need is here.

As the two moons align with the dotted perimeter lights of the mountain fortress, Koril leads the other witches in a ceremonial dance. Aniseya walks through the group and explains that they will perform a ceremony that they have not performed since their exile. She says they were hunted, persecuted, and driven into hiding by those who considered their magic unnatural. Facing extinction, they were blessed with a miracle. After looking at Koril, she signals for the coven to make way for Osha and Mae to enter the ceremony.

The witches kneel before the sisters. Mae is eager but Osha is nervous. Aniseya holds the two girls' hands under the aligned twin moons. The witches then begin chanting about the power of one, two, and three. As the coven chants and dances, Aniseya asks Mae if she will follow the ways of their coven and protect their legacy upon her death. Mae promises she will. Aniseya then conjures a purple light and places her hands on Mae's head, forming a tattoo on her left side. Aniseya tells her to ascend and Mae joins the rest of the coven.

Aniseya then turns her attention to Osha, asking the same question that she asked Mae. Osha hesitates before answering in affirmation. Before Aniseya can continue the ceremony, two witches interrupt with news that the Jedi have sliced the platform and will be here soon. Aniseya tells Koril to hide and protect the children among their cloaks. Several coven warriors prepare their bows and arrows but Aniseya orders them to stand down, insisting on non-violence.

The Jedi intruders[]

Jedi Master Indara enters the courtyard, flanked by Sol, Padawans Torbin and Kelnacca. Indara introduces herself and her colleagues to Mother Aniseya. When Koril accuses them of trespassing, Indara apologizes saying that they believed that their planet was uninhabited. Aniseya voices skepticism. Indara says that the Jedi mean them no harm. Aniseya counters that the Jedi have come armed and unannounced. Osha is curious about the Jedi but Mae tells her to remember Aniseya's warning. Osha ignores her and peers through a gap in the witches' cloaks.

When Aniseya asks what they want, Indara looks at Sol. She expresses concern that the coven is training children in violation of Republic law. Aniseya responds that they are outside the Republic's jurisdiction. Koril denies there are children in their coven. Kelnacca cranes for a look around the coven before grunting in Shyriiwook. Sensing movement, Indara invites the children to come out, saying that they mean no harm.

Sol sees a glint of gold from Osha's cloak. Osha walks through the crowd and approaches Sol. Sol kneels and the two introduce themselves to each other. Indara asks Osha if they can meet her sister. Osha looks to Aniseya, who gives a permissive nod. Osha points upstairs as Mae exits the crowd. When Indara asks where is their father, Aniseya replies that they have no father. Sol notices the Ascension marking on Mae's forehead, which was not on her this morning.

The witches accuse the Jedi of wanting to take their children. Sol disagrees. As the witches react with hostility, he prepares to draw his lightsaber in combat. Indara calls for restraint and Sol gently shows his lightsaber to Osha. He allows Osha to feel his lightsaber. Sol invites Osha to be tested and trained as a Jedi. Osha looks to her mother Aniseya for permission. Mae looks at him and the other Jedi warily.

Aniseya stares at Torbin, causing his eyes to turn black. Sol snatches his lightsaber back from Osha while Kelnacca growls with terror. Torbin begins gasping for breath. Aniseya demands that the Jedi leave in return for restoring Torbin to his right mind. Osha asks her mom for permission to take the Jedi test. Indara reminds Aniseya that Osha has a right to take the test. Aniseya releases her grip on Torbin, causing his eyes to return to normal. Aniseya reluctantly arranges for Osha to be brought to the Jedi encampment for testing the following day. When Indara asks about Mae, Aniseya reluctantly acquiesces. The Jedi exit the courtyard.

War council[]

Aniseya asks Koril to gather her advisers while Koril sends the children to bed. Later, Aniseya meets with her advisers. Koril advocates killing the four Jedi but others urge caution, fearing the retribution of the Republic. Aniseya proposes instead that the girls should take the test in order to appease Osha. Koril objects, fearing that they will lose the girls. When Aniseya asserts her authority, Koril counters that she carried the two children. Aniseya replies that she created the twins. When Koril asks what if the Jedi discover how she created them, Elder Naasa proposes that the twins take the test but fail in order to avoid conflict with the Republic and keep the twins in the coven.

The following morning, Aniseya briefs Mae and Osha about their plans. When Osha asks how they should fail, she suggests telling the Jedi the opposite of what is in their heart. Mae tells Osha that if they pass, the Jedi will take them from their "Mama." When Osha and Mae argue about whether the Jedi are good or bad, Aniseya says the issue is not about good or evil but rather who should wield power. Aniseya says that while Osha may want to be a Jedi, their interests may change like the seasons.

The test[]

Koril and the scouts lead the twins to the Jedi's red-striped white starship. As they approach the ship, Osha tells Mae that she does not want to lie and say what is in her heart. Koril summons Mae. Before separating, Mae asks Osha to remember their promise. Osha reluctantly keeps her promise. While Mae undergoes her test, Osha walks around the Jedi encampment and takes an interest in the Wookiee Jedi Kelnacca, who is repairing a damaged speeder bike.

Shortly later, Mae exits the starship and smiles at Koril. Padawan Torben ushers Osha into the ship. As Torbin kneels, Osha takes an interest in his lightsaber and asks how he got it. Torbin explains that he had to go through a trial to earn one. Torbin then takes a blood sample from Osha before ushering her into the living area. Indara asks Osha to divine what images she sees on the testing screen, which Sol holds turned away from Osha. Osha claims she sees a spaceship when the screen actually shows a Loth-cat. Sol smiles and says correct.

Sol toggles an image of a space station but Osha says it is a mountain. Sol asks Osha if someone asked her to fail the test. Indara asks Osha if her family does not want to be separated from her. Osha shifts her eyes nervously. Sol speaks to Osha and says that he was discovered to be Force-sensitive by the Jedi at the age of four. Sol says that he felt different from his family and says that he can empathize with her. While Sol was scared to leave the Jedi, he got to meet thousands of other children like him. Sol asks Osha to have the courage to make up her own mind. After some reflection, Osha decides she wants to be a Jedi.

Sol says he must have the courage to tell her family her decision. Following the test, a conflicted Osha exits the starship. Torbin waits on the ramp. Realizing what Osha has done, Mae gives an angry look and runs off. Kelnacca watches and growls with concern.

The conflagration[]

Later that night, Mae and Osha meet with the coven. Osha says she told the Jedi the truth. Mother Aniseya says that telling the truth is not always that simple while Mae is angry that Osha lied to her by breaking her promise. Aniseya thinks the Jedi played a mind trick but Osha says that she truly wants to be a Jedi and explore the galaxy. She says that she does not want to be a witch. Mae is angry and attacks Osha. Koril restrains Mae and ushers her out of the room.

Osha apologizes to Aniseya. Aniseya says that destiny is not decided by an amorphous Force and lets her choose. While aware that she will not see her family again, Osha tearfully affirms her decision to be a Jedi. Aniseya says that she will discuss Osha's wish with the rest of the council. Osha retreats to her bed chamber where she packs her bag. She touches her blue soft toys and then picks up her triangular-shaped journal, one of the pages of which is etched with a Jedi symbol.

Mae enters the bedroom and says she will not let her leave to join the Jedi. She snatches the journal and locks Osha inside the bedroom. Mae uses an oil lantern to set the journal ablaze. The fire spreads through the building into the bedroom. Trapped, an Osha uses a tool to unlock a narrow passageway which leads to a larger passageway. Through a grate, Osha hears the screams of the other witches. As Osha approaches a generator, she sees her sister Mae running up the generator's stairs. Shortly later, the generator explodes, creating a hole in the walkway between Osha and Mae.

Sol runs into the fortress, calling for Osha. When Mae reveals that their mother is dead, Osha asks what she has done. Mae returns the question. The walkway suddenly gives way and Mae slides into a chasm below. Osha falls but Sol pulls her to safety. Sol says that she has gotten her. They walk through a smoking hall strewn with the bodies of witches. The two flee through the fortress's courtyard where Osha sees her dead mother Iniseya. Sol pulls her away as the fortress crumbles. Fire has spread across the witches' fortress.

Separate paths[]

Later, Osha awakes aboard the Jedi starship with a breathing mask around her face. Sol tends to Osha and reassures her that she is safe. Indara and Torbin watch near the door. Osha asks where she is. Sol tells her they are on their way to Coruscant. He tells Osha that Mae started a fire that destroyed everything and killed everyone including Mama. Osha wants to go back to search for Mae but Sol says there is nothing back there. Sol offers to train Osha as his Padawan and hugs her. He promises to protect her.

Back on Brendok, Mae is revealed to have survived the explosion that destroyed the coven. She faces the bunta tree where she had found Osha meditating at the beginning of the episode.


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