Destreg Spaceport was a Golan Construction Corporation Space Colony 2 space station orbiting Destreg II. It catered to both transport and passenger services, with the emphasis on the latter, as the space station contained a number of resorts suitable for rest and relaxation. For example, even during the Galactic Civil War the passenger liner Sea Sprite 1 was still bringing tourists to the station.

K'Armyn Viraxo considered Destreg Spaceport to be an excellent venue for his ambush of the Azzameen brothers Emon and Ace, as it would not be out of place for his private yacht, the Highroller, to be visiting a luxury resort. Unfortunately for K'Armyn, Ace and Emon managed to defeat the ambush consisting of Z-95 Headhunters and Two Muurian transports called Tolarus and Vembri and escaping, destroying the Highroller in the process.




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