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"Destroyers in position."
―A B1-series battle droid, to General Grievous[1]

The Recusant-class Commerce Guild destroyer used by the Confederacy of Independent Systems.

A destroyer was a type of warship used by multiple factions in the galaxy. There were multiple examples of destroyers, used by the Chiss Ascendancy, the Confederacy of Independent Systems, and other groups.


A destroyer was a type of warship used by various factions throughout the galaxy.[2] As a capital ship, the Anaxes War College System defined a destroyer as a warship that measured approximately 1,000 to 2,000 meters in length, placing it after a heavy cruiser and before a battlecruiser. The system introduced the destroyer class in[3] what the Chiss and other Unknown Regions groups refer to as Lesser Space, the galaxy beyond the Unknown Regions.[2]


There were multiple destroyer models in service. The Chiss Ascendancy's Ruling Families and Chiss Expansionary Defense Fleet. Such examples included the Chiss destroyer[2] and the Clarr destroyer.[4] The Confederacy of Independent Systems used multiple models, including the Corporate Alliance's Fantail-class destroyer and the Commerce Guild's Recusant-class Light Destroyer[5] and Recusant-class Support Destroyer.[6] The Nikardun destroyer was deployed by the Nikardun Destiny during their conquests in the Unknown Regions.[2]


Although the classification of destroyer was used in the Unknown Regions,[2] the Anaxes War College System expanded the nomenclature during the Clone Wars to include three new classes; the destroyer, the battlecruiser, and the dreadnought, despite the earlier dreadnought era existing during the Alsakan Conflicts. Destroyers saw use in the Clone Wars, with the rise of the Star Destroyer design family and the destroyers used by the Separatists. Star Destroyers continued service during the Imperial Era after the Clone Wars, as well as during the rise and fall of the First Order several decades later.[3]

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