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"They will return to Pinnacle Base and boast to their friends… They have at best a few hours to celebrate before they all die! It is time to show the Rebel Alliance its day is ended! Prepare to fire the Galaxy Weapon!"
―Emperor Palpatine[src]

The Destruction of Da Soocha V was a brief battle which saw the destruction of the New Republic base on Pinnacle Moon, also known as Da Soocha V, by a missile, shot from the Imperial superweapon Galaxy Gun.


Following the Rebel attack on Palpatine's citadel on Byss and the escape of the surviving Rebels into hyperspace along with a group of smugglers, Palpatine gave the order for the Galaxy Gun to launch its first world-destroying projectile against the Republic command on Pinnacle Moon.[4]


The projectile fired by the Galaxy Gun aimed for Pinnacle Moon encounters Jedi Explorer.

However, due to the presence of spies on Byss itself, the Republic forces along with some of the native Ixlls managed to escape the doomed moon in a fleet of transports. Despite efforts by Luke Skywalker to destroy the missile using the weapons systems onboard his transport Jedi Explorer, the projectile collided with the crust Da Soocha V and unleashed a nucleonic chain reaction which wiped out the moon in a single flash and effectively wiping it off the face of the galaxy.[4]


In response, Republic commando and sabotage teams attacked the Galaxy Gun but were annihilated by the massed Imperial fleet. The Emperor continued to launch projectiles, destroying entire unruly worlds and nearly crippling the Republic. As a result of this terrifying tactic, the Empire regained key territories in the Inner and Outer Rims in a relatively short time.[3]

Other known targets included Nespis VIII's space city where even the Republic's V-200 ion cannon were unable to penetrate the shielding of the projectiles. Another was the Republic troopship Pelagia under the command of Captain Tekba which was carrying a hundred thousand troops at the time of its destruction.[5]

Behind the scenesEdit

The Battle of the Emperor's Citadel first appeared in the issue Dark Empire II 5: The Galaxy Weapon of the Dark Empire II series of comics. The battle was conceived and written by authors Tom Veitch, illustrated and colored by colorist Cam Kennedy. Veith used this battle to introduce a new plot element—the planet-destroying Galaxy Gun superweapon.

The Battle of the Emperor's Citadel would eventually be featured in the Dark Empire II audio drama, which witnessed the skirmish take on a whole new personality through the voice acting of John Cygan (Skywalker) and Nick Jameson (Palpatine).



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