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The planet of Oblis was destroyed thousands of years before the Clone Wars.

The destructionEdit

At some point prior to the reign of the Sith Lord Darth Rivan, a wandering trader transported the Darkstaff, a powerful, sentient Sith artifact to the planet of Oblis, in the Cularin system. There, the artifact fell into the hands of the Oblee, the world's native species, and it was studied by the scientist-philosophers, the ruling caste of Oblee. However, the Darkstaff desired to cause destruction wherever it went, and it began to manipulate the Oblee. The artifact used it's powers to summon a shadow creature, a type of energy-based creature from another dimension, to Oblis, and the creature settled into the world's atmosphere. Due to the staff's influence on them, the Oblee came to view the shadow creature as a threat, and the scientist-philosphers determined to use the Darkstaff to power a weapon that would allow them to remove the shadow creature from the Cularin system.[1]

The scientist-philosophers created three focusing crystals to power their weapon, and the had the entire Oblee species channel their hopes and fears into the crystals. They then placed the Darkstaff inside their machine and activated the device. However, when the machine activated, the Darkstaff used the power that it had gained from the crystals to destroy Oblis. The cataclysm hurled the shadow creature out of the Cularin system and transformed the Oblee into incorporal beings known as "shadow lurkers." Over time, the fragments of Oblee eventually settled, to form the Cularin system asteroid belt.[1]



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