"No! Mesa people are bein destroyen!"

The destruction of Otoh Sancture was an attack on the Gungan city of Otoh Sancture on the planet Naboo during the war that had broken out between the various tribes of the amphibious Gungan race that took place in 3000 BBY. Before its destruction, Otoh Sancture had been a peaceful city and its leader, Boss Gallo, had taken a pacifist stance in the war and refused to fight other Gungans. However, this concerned Boss Rogoe, the Gungan Boss behind the war, who believed that if Gallo joined the fighting he would drastically change the tide of it. To ensure this would not happen, Rogoe ordered a colony of bursas, a dangerous semi-sentient species native to Naboo, to destroy Otoh Sancture and kill Gallo.

However, Gallo happened to be away from the city on a hunt for animals for the Sacred Feast, a Gungan thanksgiving celebration, when the bursas arrived and destroyed the city. Gallo observed the attack from afar, mourning the loss of his city without the knowledge of who was responsible. He then retreated into the forests and discovered that it was Rogoe who had destroyed his city, prompting him to raise a small army to take Otoh Sancture's ruins back from the bursas, beginning his campaign to destroy Boss Rogoe, unite the Gungans, and bring peace to Naboo.


Otoh Sancture before its destruction

"All the Gungan tribes were always poundin' the other, but Gallo refusen to raisen his arms against hisen fellow Gungans"
―Rugor Nass[1]

In the year 3000 BBY,[2] a large war took place on the planet Naboo, in which the amphibious Gungan tribes ceaselessly fought each other. Otoh Sancture was the only Gungan city that had refused to take part in the war, a stance enforced by Boss Gallo, the city's leader, who believed that the Gungans should not have been killing each other. However, Gallo's neutrality concerned Boss Rogoe, the warlord who secretly controlled the war for his own purposes, because he believed that he would be destroyed if Gallo chose to intervene. As a preventative measure Rogoe ordered a colony of carnivorous semi-sentient bursas under his influence to attack Otoh Sancture, overseen by one of his militiagungs. At the time the city was about to enter into its Sacred Feast, a Gungan celebration of thanksgiving to the Guds, the Gungan deities. Tradition ruled that Gallo, as the Boss of Otoh Sancture, was to venture out into the forests to find some nerfs, antlered animals that would be suitable for the feast. Due to the hunt, Gallo was away from the city when the bursas arrived and began their attack.[1]

The destruction[]

"Oh no, Bursas! Wesa under attack! Help!"
―One of Otoh Sancture's citizens[1]

The bursas began to attack the city not long after its Boss left. Gallo returned to discover his city was under attack but found he was not able to get past the river crossing between the forests and his city. The residents of Otoh Sancture were completely unaware of why they had been targeted by the bursas. The creatures destroyed everything in Otoh Sancture; no Gungans were left alive, and even the city's glurrgs,[1] non-sentient[3] workers used in most Gungan cities, were killed. Gallo eventually had to turn away and retreat into the forest as the bursas demolished the rest of the city.[1]


"Who are yousa, Gungan. Why do yousa lead deesen creatures against yousa fellow Gungans?"
"Not mesa Gallo. Boss Rogoe orderen yousa death."
"Boss Rogoe? Bah, why do yousa spake such lies."
"Not lies, truth. Rogoe liven, and hesa sent the bursas to pound yousa for good."
―Gallo questions a militiagung on the massacre of his people by the bursas[1]

Gallo retakes Otoh Sancture.

The bursas that had attacked the city took residence on the ruins and created several nests. When Gallo retreated into the forests he met Captain Marsune, a rogue Gungan whom Gallo told about the destruction of his city. He also encountered Rogoe's militiagung, who had unintentionally remained in the area for too long. When questioned by Gallo the militiagung denied responsibility for the Destruction of Otoh Sancture, identifying Rogoe was the perpetrator and explaining the warlord's motives. After that meeting, Gallo rebuilt Otoh Sancture in a new location and eventually raised an army large enough to defeat the bursas living in Otoh Sancture's remains. Marsune then returned to join Gallo in his campaign to defeat Rogoe and unite the Gungan tribes, which they succeeded in. Gallo then built Otoh Gunga, the Gungan capital city in memory of those killed in Otoh Sancture. The events of Gallo's fight against Rogoe, including the Destruction of Otoh Sancture, were later chronicled by Gallo's descendant Rugor Nass.[1]

Behind the scenes[]

The destruction of Otoh Sancture was first mentioned in Star Wars: Galactic Battlegrounds: Prima's Official Strategy Guide by Steven L. Kent,[4]—released on November 7, 2001[5]—before appearing in the LucasArts video game Star Wars: Galactic Battlegrounds,[1] released on November 11, 2001.[6] In the game itself it is the first event that happens in the Gungan campaign in the level "Otoh Sancture." When the level starts the player can only control Boss Gallo and is on a different side of a river than Otoh Sancture, meaning they can not actually send Gallo there. The bursa attack begins once the player finds the nerfs, and ends when they reach Marsune's camp. The name of the battle is given in Marsune's entry in the game's DataBank.[1]



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