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Shortly after the end of the Clone Wars, an enshrouded being attacked the Five Masters Academy, a martial arts school that was situated on the planet Cularin. The being set fire to the building and using the Darkstaff, an ancient Sith artifact, the assailant massacred the school's pupils and instructors. Soon, only the Master in Violet was left alive, and she used a songsteel staff to counter the attacker's parries. Barnab Chistor, a pupil of the Academy who had been absent during the early stages of the attack, entered the building and fired an experimental handgun at the attacker. Wounded, the shadowy being was forced to retreat, and it used the Darkstaff to resurrect the corpses of the deceased students and set them upon Chistor and the Master in Violet.

The fire consumed the entire structure, destroying the school and causing substantial damage to the surrounding forest. The blaze was eventually contained by a group of Tarasin scouts and the Office of Peace and Security, and they found no survivors inside the ruins of the institution.



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