The Destruction of the Pakuuni Pirates was a conflict between the Galactic Empire and the Pakuuni Pirates group during the Battle on the Frontier campaign of the Galactic Civil War.


The Pakuuni system during the Battle of Hoth had been rife with Pirates and Smugglers rendering intergalatic trade difficult, even lethal. Having collected left over station parts from the abandoned depot at the planet Argoon, Vice Admiral Thrawn assigned Commander Buckeye and Nebulon-B2 frigate Ludwick the task of destroying a local pirate installation. The Pakuuni Pirates had massed a sizable armada of supplies, Corvettes, BTL Y-wing starfighters, and Z-95 Headhunters. Imperial Intelligence suspected that local pirate groups had been receiving aid from Rebel starships; members of the Secret Order of the Emperor also suggested that searching the containers may reveal contraband, consequentially requiring capture.

The battleEdit

Frigate Ludwick began the assault by launching three groups of TIE Bombers. The Bombers began attacking Corvettes Leach, Clavier, and Grapler as pirate Z-95s and Y-wings moved to intercept. TIE/LN starfighter group Theta Squadron was launched in response to TIE bomber loses, more apt to dogfight with the enemies' shielded fighters. Maarek Stele, flight leader of TIE bomber group Alpha Squadron, swung by the pirate containers during the battle. Stele discovered Rebels hiding among one of the containers; Assault Transport Tiger was launched from the Ludwick to capture the Rebel fugitives. As predicted Rebel starfighters arrived just as the last of the container that was carrying the Rebel Advisors was boarded and the Rebels captured, the container was destroyed. Having completed their primary mission Imperial Bombers returned to the hangar, leaving Rebel fighters to deal with interceptor craft and the Ludwick's turbolasers.


With the Pirate base destroyed the way was clear to establish a new space installation and allow commerce to flourish. The Ludwick was then assigned to hold position and wait until Thrawn arrives with the building materials.

The Secret Order, realizing that the Rebel Alliance had an extensive presence in the area began to interrogate the prisoners to learn about more information about their foothold in the Pakuuni System.

Behind the scenesEdit

This battle appears in the PC Game Star Wars: TIE Fighter. It's the second mission of the third Battle. This article assumes "Medium" difficulty. In "Hard" Difficulty the player has to contend with X-wings that will launch Heavy rockets at the Ludwick and can easily deplete the ships shields and hull.


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