The Detainment Center was an Imperial prison on the planet Talus at the time of the Galactic Civil War.

History[edit | edit source]

The Imperial Detainment Center was an holding facility for political prisoners built by the Galactic Empire in an isolated area of the Talus mountains. The detainment center was a large underground facility with small cells and holding pens for prisoners. Many Imperial officers worked here, along with stormtroopers and prison guards.[1]

Circa 1 ABY,[2] the Imperial Detainment Center had become a contested hotspot in the Galactic Civil War and Imperial and Rebel forces fought several times for the control of the base. The Rebel Alliance attacked the facility and temporarily took control of it. But the fight between Imperial and Rebel forces over the control of this institute continued. The Empire eventually succeeded, forcing the Rebels to retreat.[1] Around the same time, a spacer managed to infiltrate the prison and stole a piece of shock trooper armor.[3]

Behind the scenes[edit | edit source]

The Detainment Center was a Point of Interest in Sony Online Entertainment's MMORPG Star Wars Galaxies. A waypoint pointing to this location is included in every player's datapad.[1] The Detainment Center was intended to be a "Factional NPC Base". Groups of Rebel players could attack Imperial NPCs and achieve several objectives to take control of the base.[4] It was originally intended that players could use terminals inside the facility to gain control of the prison for their faction. However, this functionality was broken very early on and has never been fixed. Since then, the detainment center was populated with Imperial NPCs.

A copy of this facility was later used for the Imperial Detainment Facility on Yavin 4 during the Empire Day/Remembrance Day events of 2009 to 2011.[5]

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