The Detritus Satellites were one of several groups of independent sentient[1] Vulture droid scavengers active at the time of the Galactic Civil War.

The Detritus Satellites had built a makeshift outpost in Area D-7s1 of the Dantooine system, using old scraps collected from a nearby junk field. The outpost was powered by electrical currents and provided fellow droids with shelter and repair.[2] They were also active in Area D-513.[3]

After the Battle of Yavin, they formed an alliance with the powerful Black Sun crime cartel. This alliance included a non-aggression pact, the rights to trade with each other and the right to render the alliance null and void at any time. It did not entitle the two groups to demand support in battle against enemies. The agreement was signed by X10-700 "Destroyer" for the Detritus Satellites and Tvinnii Blackrunn for the Black Sun.[3] Not all pilots of the Black Sun were happy with this agreement and voiced this opinion in private messages, among them A'kiian "Maleficus" Bloodlight.[1]



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