Devan For'deschel was a female Human Jedi Master who served the Jedi Order in the waning years of the Galactic Republic.


Trained at the Jedi Temple on Coruscant, For'deschel was a Force-sensitive Human educated in the ways of the Force, eventually attaining the rank of Jedi Master. Having constructed a teal-bladed lightsaber[5] for herself and training independently as a Guardian, Master For'deschel was asked to teach as a lightsaber instructor at the experimental academy on Almas. After being approved to teach by the Temple battlemaster, For'deschel was eventually appointed as the Mistress of Lightsabers at the Academy, replacing the late Battlemaster Kirlocca.[1]

Joining the Almas Council as a leader of the Academy, she sat on the body when the Clone Wars erupted across the galaxy between the Republic and the Confederacy of Independent Systems. Opposing the Jedi High Council on Coruscant when they demanded all Jedi report to take up arms in the Grand Army of the Republic, For'deschel refused to allow Jedi Darrus Jeht to take the Academy's Padawans to the galactic capital.[1] Continuing her work in the Cularin system, Master For'deschel was attacked by a Jedi Killer droid, losing an arm to the mechanical menace. Replacing her arm with a prosthetic, she continued to lead lightsaber instruction at the academy despite her injury.[1]

Considered on par with the power of Academy Headmaster Lanius Qel-Bertuk, For'deschal was selected as a part of one of the search teams that explored the insides of the Almas Sith fortress looking for three missing Jedi. Discovering that the Jedi's Force-essences had been trapped by the dark side cult, the Believers. Returning to the Academy as a rescue missions was established, she was present for the celebration which honored the heroes of that successful mission.[6]

Near the end of the Clone Wars, For'deschel was present in the Academy when it was attacked by pirates and mercenaries under the command of the Dark Jedi Garth Ezzar. Ezzar engaged her in personal combat and killed her, although she was able to injure him before she fell.[2]



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