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"The Jedi are in control of a vital outpost on the jungle planet of Devaron."

Devaron was a terrestrial jungle planet located in the Devaron system of the galaxy's Colonies that was the homeworld of the Devaronian species. The world was home to a Jedi Temple and was the site of a battle during the Clone Wars as well as skirmish during the Galactic Civil War.


Devaron was a temperate and heavily forested planet[2] located in the Colonies.[1] Numerous rivers and valleys dotted the mountainous landscape, while the planet's ecological balance was maintained by the natives for countless generations. Sparsely populated areas were allowed to thrive in their natural state without urbanization or industrialization spreading beyond contained cities or settlements. The spacefaring Devaronians were recognized as one of the earliest species to expand beyond their own world, helping to make great strides in the field of space travel and exploration.[2]

A jungle on Devaron.

Preservation of the environment was a cultural phenomenon that was woven into Devaronian society, allowing the planet to retain its natural beauty. Male Devaronians were prone to wanderlust, explore the jungles of Devaron while the females of the species maintained and built cities and societies which could stand the test of time. The jungles of Devaron were notable for their thick tangles of vines that spread across the landscape. Arching over entire jungles, the vines would utilized as walkways and bridges, as they linked hills and spanned valleys. Wildlife valued the shelter provided by the vines, and the biosphere of Devaron was rich with animals and creatures of all shapes and sizes.[2]

When the Galactic Empire came to power, the state of Devaron's environs was threatened. The reigning Imperial governor during the Galactic Civil War was known for going on extravagant wildlife hunts, as well as denying the natives the ability to grow their own food.[6]


Early history[]

The history of Devaron was marked by its cultural division between the two genders of the Devaronian species; while males were struck with wanderlust, females sought to establish cities and grow the culture. Developing this divide during the pre-industrial era, males had to travel several days from settlements to hunt for prey while the females maintained the safety and organization of the camp. As wandering the jungles on hunting expeditions became a cultural rite of passage for males of the species, the Devaronian females began to industrialize, evolving over time into a spacefaring culture as early as thirty thousand years before the Battle of Yavin. Harnessing hyperdrive technology, Devaronians began exploring the region of space around Devaron, helping to blaze the Corellian Trade Spine once contact was made with the greater galaxy.[2]

Spaceports began to pop up in settled regions of the planet, with each containing a plaza called the Point of Parting where families bid farewell to the explorers leaving the planet. As the planet developed a planetary government, it became one of the earliest members of the Galactic Republic. One of the outermost planets in the Republic for millennia, Devaronians served as hyperspace scouts and could easily find employment in the field of interstellar travel. Sending a large percentage of their earnings back to Devaron, the planet was able to maintain a thriving economy without polluting the world's lush ecological wonders with the taint of industrial districts. While the government of Devaron had established a fair and balanced democratic system that allowed males and females to pursue the lifestyle they saw best for themselves, most of Devaron's best and brightest leaders, politicians, and business elites were females.[2]

The Jedi and the Clone Wars[]

Sometime in Devaron's history, the Jedi Order established a training center deep in the jungles of Devaron. The Temple of Eedit was built over a vergence powerful in the Force that imbued the entire area with a deep sense of power. During the Clone Wars, the Grand Army of the Republic maintained an outpost on the planet. The bounty hunter Cad Bane and the Confederacy of Independent Systems attacked Devaron during the war.[5] Later, Savage Opress attacked the Temple of Eedit, killing Jedi Master Halsey and his Padawan Knox. The elite Delta Squad recovered their bodies.[8]

Age of the Empire[]

At the end of the war, the planet came under Imperial dominion, with a heavy naval presence in the system. Shortly after the Battle of Yavin, Luke Skywalker began to have visions about the Temple of Eedit located there. Traveling to Devaron to visit the temple and begin his Jedi training, he discovered the entrance to the temple by a secret cave next to a derelict dam destroyed during the Clone Wars, with the main temple's entrance being off-limits, and monitored by the Empire. While there Skywalker embarked on a voyage of personal discovery and trained with three remotes, learning how to use lightsaber combat to deflect their blasts. After escaping an Imperial attack on him at the temple, as well as befriending the young Devaronian Farnay, Skywalker vowed to return to the planet once more to uphold the traditions of the Jedi who once dwelt there.[6]

The installation of a corrupt human governor on the planet caused some Devaronians to join the Rebel Alliance. As more and more Devaronians began to resist Imperial rule, the Empire interfered with the remittances fed to the planet by Devaronians abroad in an attempt to make the species easier to control. With the loss of the Imperial Senate, the Devaronians felt that their voice in the galactic conversation had been silenced.[2] After Skywalker defeated the Emperor and Darth Vader in the climactic Battle of Endor, the Jedi Knight returned to Devaron to visit the Temple of Eedit once more. Whilst there he visited Farnay, and thus upheld his promise throughout all the years.[6]

New Republic era[]

In 5 ABY, the New Republic, the successor to the Rebel Alliance, established several outposts on Devaron. These outposts were manned by diplomats, liaisons, scientists, and soldiers. They also brought food and portable water. One of these outposts was a hundred klicks away from an old Jedi temple. Shortly before the Battle of Jakku, a cell of the Acolytes of the Beyond led by the former Imperial Adviser Yupe Tashu attacked the outpost as part of a series of galactic-wide strikes on New Republic outposts. Two of the participants were the Pantoran Kiza and her human lover Remi. When Remi tried to recover his lightsaber from her, she killed him.[9]

Behind the scenes[]

First introduced in Legends publications, the planet Devaron was located in the Colonies region of the galaxy. When reintroduced in canon publications, the planet was erroneously stated as being located in the Outer Rim Territories in The Weapon of a Jedi. Future publications, including Nexus of Power and Star Wars: The Force Awakens Beginner Game reaffirmed the planet as being located in the Colonies region.



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