"Most cooks worry about their soufflé fallin', but the Devaronians added a whole new level of danger to this classic baked dish."
―Strono Tuggs, The Official Black Spire Outpost Cookbook[2]

Devaronian Soufflé was a tangy soufflé that was considered a classic dish but was also a potential explosive during its preparation. Artiodac chef Strono Tuggs witnessed Devaronian cook Sama Macoy cause such a mishap at Takodana Castle on the planet Takodana and, centuries later in 34 ABY, he included the story with his recipe for the dish in his cookbook The Official Black Spire Outpost Cookbook.


"That's a Devaronian specialty—a kind of tangy soufflé. I seen it before. But you need to know your whisk times. You slow down too much…"
―Strono Tuggs[1]

Devaronian Soufflé was known as a classic baked dish with a tangy flavor, but its explosive quality distinguished it from other soufflés. While chefs usually worried that their soufflés would fall,[2] the Devaronian specialty required stirring the batter at a specific speed or else it would detonate. Although explosive during preparation, the finished soufflé was edible by Devaronians[1] and Artiodacs.[2]


"It wasn't my fault! The batter…it was a bad batch—"
"It is a poor chef who blames the ingredients."
―Sama Macoy makes excuses for her failed soufflé to competition judge Carly[1]

Strono Tuggs, cookbook author and witness to the explosion of a Devaronian Soufflé

The Artiodac Strono Tuggs was head chef for Maz Kanata[1] at the tavern she operated out of her castle on the planet Takodana,[3] in the centuries before its destruction in 34 ABY.[4] After Tuggs had worked there for more than twenty years, he held a cooking competition to determine who would replace his deceased sous-chef, Robbs Ely. Unbeknownst to the contestants, he was also attempting to determine who had killed Ely and stolen his recipe book. In one round, as the competitors faced the added challenge of dodging stun blasts, the Devaronian prep cook Sama Macoy began preparing her soufflé while working through being stunned, but her failure to maintain constant motion in the volatile batter caused it to explode in her face.[1]

Although all present were uninjured, the batter explosion forced Macoy to start over with another dish. Judges Carly and J'Nell, a pair of BD-3000 luxury droids, were unimpressed when the Devaronian blamed the soufflé's ingredients rather than her own abilities for the explosion. She was knocked out of both the competition and the list of suspects in Ely's murder, which had in fact been committed by the droids.[1]

Many decades later,[4] in 34 ABY,[5] Tuggs included the anecdote about Macoy and a recipe for the soufflé in his cookbook The Official Black Spire Outpost Cookbook that he published after Takodana Castle was destroyed. He expressed his hope that people following his recipe would experience better luck than Macoy, but if they needed a last-minute replacement after an unexpected detonation, he recommended fried zuchii as an easy alternative.[2]

Behind the scenes[]

Devaronian Soufflé first appeared in the short story "A Recipe for Death," written by Landry Q. Walker and included in the 2016 anthology book Tales from a Galaxy Far, Far Away: Aliens: Volume I.[1] The out-of-universe recipe was created for the 2019 cookbook Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge: The Official Black Spire Outpost Cookbook, which was written by Marc Sumerak and Chelsea Monroe-Cassel and classifies the soufflé as appropriate for vegetarian and gluten-free dietary considerations. The ingredients are butter for greasing, sugar for the batter and for dusting, four separated large eggs, a pinch of salt, softened cream cheese, crumbled goat cheese, lemon juice and zest, and paprika.[2]



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