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*''[[The Kathol Outback]]''
*''[[The Kathol Outback]]''

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The devastator torpedo was an Imperial weapon developed and employed by Moff Kentor Sarne's forces. The torpedo was a slim missile, and a strike from this weapon was capable of creating a blast radius of about ten kilometers with everything within that region being completely obliterated. While an effective weapon, the launching system of the devastator torpedo took several minutes to reload after every shot giving it a low rate of fire. Another drawback was that a direct strike on the launcher by proton torpedoes could trigger a chain reaction that would destroy the ship on which the launcher was installed.

The only recorded use of the weapon was its deployment onboard a Star Destroyer allied with Sarne. During the Battle of Danoor, the Star Destroyer fired the torpedo at the surface of the planet, destroying a ten kilometer blast radius. The launcher, and the ship that carried it, was destroyed in the battle.



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