"It's called that because of the Devilsquid living in it."
Tanquar to Treis Sinde[src]

The Sea Leviathan being dragged into the Devil's Crevasse.

Devil's Crevasse was a fissure located on the ocean floor of the planet Dac and was home to a large population of Devilsquids; creatures for which the crevasse had been named.

In 137 ABY, during the Genocide on Dac, Devil's Crevasse was the site of the a battle in which an Imperial Knight named Treis Sinde used Devilsquids to help Mon Calamari Rangers overcome the Sea Leviathan, a massive creature created by Sith scientist Vul Isen to enforce in the extermination of the Mon Calamari species. The Devilsquids attacked the Leviathan and dragged it to the depths of Devil's Crevasse.

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