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Devlikks were an avian species native to the planet Ord Radama. They had long necks, shoulders covered in green feathers, a small green tail, and oddly-shaped heads. The average lifespan for a Devlikk was about 9-10 years; most Devlikk succumbed to senility at age 9. The Podracer Wan Sandage was of this species.

Society and culture[edit | edit source]

The Devlikk homeworld of Ord Radama featured cities laid out like enormous mazes. While offworlders found the configuration off-putting, Devlikks had little trouble navigating the passageways due to their innate magnetic sense.[2] Although their bodies were only somewhat humanoid, Devlikks made do with devices and furnishings, such as chairs, aimed at species with longer legs.[3] While Devlikks operated comfortably without clothing,[4] they sometimes dressed in items such as goggles, tabards, chaps,[5] bandoleers, or shirts.[6] Another Devlikk fashion was to bind the hair of the cheeks into ponytails.[3]

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