"We are here, Yaru. We are here and we are out of action. Out of the war. Out of everything. We are out of it!"
You're out of it."
―Devore Korsin and his brother, Yaru[1]

Devore Korsin was a Human male officer in the Sith mineralogical corps during the time of the Great Hyperspace War. The son of a veteran admiral in the Sith navy, Korsin started work with the Sith mineralogical service after a spice addiction derailed his naval career. During these years, he married a runaway slave of Sith Lord Ludo Kressh named Seelah, and together they had a son, Jariad. In 5000 BBY, Korsin was assigned to a Lignan mining mission to the planet Phaegon III, where he was to work under his half-brother, Yaru Korsin. Korsin was envious of his brother's position of authority and appealed to Dark Lord of the Sith Naga Sadow for Yaru's job, to no avail.

However, a Jedi attack deflected Korsin's ship, the Omen, off-course as it jumped to hyperspace bound for Kirrek; the Omen crashed on an uncharted planet, although Korsin and most of the crew, including his wife and son, survived. Korsin soon became resigned to the fact that the crew would not be able to escape the planet after an examination of the Omen's wrecked remains and, under the influence of spice, he had a confrontation with his brother that descended into an all-out lightsaber duel. Ultimately, Devore was defeated and dropped off a cliff by his brother, his body swept away by the ocean below.


An ill-fated mission[]

"I have sent for your brother, Devore, to inform him that you will be in charge. But remember that you are all subject to my law and whim."
―Naga Sadow, in a message to Yaru Korsin[2]

Naga Sadow, Dark Lord of the Sith

Devore Korsin, a Human male, was born the son of an admiral in the Sith Empire's navy, an officer who conceived Korsin with a woman on a planet he visited during his travels. Devore did not know the elder Korsin as a child. At some point he sought his father out, and the Admiral embraced him without a second thought. Devore found his way into a family descended from a noble house of the Tapani Empire, skilled in commerce and industry. The Korsin family had come into the service of the Sith, operating ships and factories; over time their lineage became entwined with those of the Empire's Dark Jedi, making the Korsins, including Devore, strong in the Force. Korsin discovered that he had an older half-brother, Yaru, who was a cadet in the Sith navy. Korsin initially pursued a naval career himself, but his tenure was derailed after he developed an addiction to spice. He began work with the Sith mineralogical service, where money and power were more easily obtained searching for gems and Force-imbued crystals. With his father's sponsorship, Korsin became proficient in the use of plasma weapons and scanning equipment. Force-sensitive, he learned to harness his inner Force potential, and became proficient with a lightsaber. Korsin eventually married a woman[1] from Rhelg named Seelah, an escaped slave of Sith Lord Ludo Kressh.[3] Together they had a son, Jariad. In 5000 BBY, Dark Lord of the Sith Naga Sadow launched an invasion of the galaxy at large, and Korsin accompanied Sadow's fleet as it left Sith Space.[1]

That year, Korsin was assigned to the[1] Sith dreadnaught[4] Omen, on a mission to mine valuable Lignan crystals from Phaegon III and later deliver them to the Sith forces on Kirrek. The operation was to be commanded by Yaru Korsin, by then a respected captain in the Sith navy. Wanting to lead the mission himself and envious of his brother's power, Devore appealed to Sadow himself on the Dark Lord's station near the star Primus Goluud, only to be denied—angered by his rejection, Korsin said something to Sadow that put doubt about his loyalty and the safety of the Omen's cargo into the Dark Lord's mind. With the expedition proceeding as scheduled, Korsin's wife, Seelah, accompanied him as part of his mining crew, taking their infant son along with them. However, before they left, the Omen and a sister ship, the Harbinger, were attacked by Jedi. Before the Omen was able to escape to hyperspace,[1] one of the Jedi, apprentice Drev Hassin, suicidally crashed his starfighter into the Harbinger.[4]


"It's over, Yaru. We should have done this before. It's been decided. I'm Commander Korsin."
―Devore Korsin, to Yaru Korsin, before their duel[1]

As a result of the collision, the Harbinger hit the Omen as it jumped to lightspeed, nudging it off course. As the Omen traveled away from the site of the skirmish, the ship was severely damaged by a gravity well, which pulled the Omen back into realspace. Korsin, realizing the danger of the situation, told Seelah to take Jariad with her to the escape pods, while he made his way to the bridge. Even though the Omen was not safe by any means, Korsin immediately turned the blame on the ship's veteran navigator, Boyle Marcom. Korsin was interrupted by his brother before he could do Marcom any harm, and the Omen soon entered the atmosphere of a nearby planet. Although the ship was crashing, Korsin and the others were relieved to discover that the planet had breathable air. Sensing his brother's inner doubt, Korsin forcibly tried to seize control of the ship, only to end the struggle when Seelah arrived on the bridge with Jariad, both having survived the ordeal. As Korsin argued with his wife and brother, they suddenly sighted land. Despite Yaru's best efforts to bring the Omen down gracefully, the Sith dreadnaught crashed violently onto a plateau. Fortunately for Korsin, he and his family survived the crash and the hazardous trip away down the mountain, making camp in the valley below. Korsin's rage at Marcom did not diminish, and he confronted the veteran spacer with several of his miners. After blaming Marcom for the ship's crash, Korsin gutted him with his lightsaber in front of Seelah and Jariad. Yaru soon came upon the scene, furious at his brother for killing their navigation officer, but Devore dismissed Yaru's concerns.[1]

The duel between Yaru and Devore Korsin, as witnessed by Adari Vaal

Devore returned to the wreckage of the Omen, intent on finding something that they could use to facilitate an escape from the planet. His search was unsuccessful, and a defeated Korsin took a dose of Red Rage spice and rested in the commander's chair. Yaru eventually entered the ship as well, intending to test the functionality of the Omen's transmitter—Devore had already done so, finding its circuitry to be completely fried. Although Yaru was hopeful to find a way back to civilization, Devore did not share his optimism and suggested that they stay where they were. The debate turned into a heated argument, and, after Yaru broached the subject of Devore's meeting with Sadow, Devore ignited his lightsaber and attacked his brother with a Force whirlwind. Devore found himself flung outside the remains of the Omen, and a full-fledged lightsaber duel ensued. Devore gained the upper hand through the manic power granted to him by the influence of Red Rage, but Yaru turned the tables by using the Force to use the Omen itself as a weapon, smashing Devore with a torpedo tube door and partially burying Devore under a pile of rocks on the plateau's precipice. Wounded, Devore pleaded to his brother for mercy—instead, Yaru dropped him over the edge of the cliff, killing him.[1] Korsin landed on the rocks below, where he was found by Adari Vaal, a member of the native Keshiri species, who had by chance witnessed the duel. Ultimately, Korsin's body was swept away by a nearby ocean.[5]

After Devore Korsin's death, the surviving crew of the Omen escaped their predicament by impersonating the gods of the planet's Keshiri natives.[5] Stranded on the world, which they discovered was called Kesh, the crew formed a Sith order that survived for more than five thousand years.[6] Seelah married Yaru after Devore's death and had a daughter with him, Nida. However, Seelah still loved Devore[3] and plotted to avenge his death. Although the nature of Devore's death was kept a secret, Seelah learned of Yaru's complicity by reading the thoughts of Adari Vaal. Jariad was also raised to hate Yaru and revere his father, and, in 4975 BBY, Jariad and Seelah led an attack on Yaru near the Kesh Sith Temple to wreak vengeance and take control of the Sith tribe. Although they succeeded in killing Yaru, Seelah lost the use of her legs and Jariad was killed by Nida, who was fighting on her father's side.[7]

Personality and traits[]

"Oh, what's the use talking to…"
―Boyle Marcom, referring to Devore Korsin[1]

Immature and reckless, Devore Korsin held an undying ambition.[3] Always apt to cut corners,[7] especially to pursue power and riches, Korsin was quick to assign blame, even in the most dire of circumstances. Korsin had a contentious relationship with his half-brother, Yaru—while Yaru resented Devore's various character flaws, Devore was envious of Yaru's position of authority on their Lignan mining mission, and was willing to do whatever it took to seize control. Korsin had a considerably closer relationship with his wife, Seelah, although he could be dismissive of her and he sometimes found himself annoyed by Seelah.[1]

Korsin was possessed of a near-constant anger and held no qualms about lashing out at the people whom he felt had wronged him or were standing in his way. These fits of anger were enhanced by his addiction to spice. Korsin held a great respect for the toughness of the Sith Massassi warriors who accompanied the mission, finding it hard to believe when they started to die off following the Omen's crash on Kesh. Korsin was one of the first to resign himself to the fact that the Omen's crew would not be able to escape Kesh. He possessed pale skin and dark eyes.[1]

Powers and abilities[]

As strong as any of the Sith in his family, Devore Korsin found his natural abilities enhanced by the manic rage provided by spice, especially the Red Rage variant that he favored. Korsin was skilled in the use of a lightsaber and, through his father's sponsorship and his work in the Sith mineralogical service, that of plasma weapons and scanning equipment as well. Korsin also was trained in the use of the Force, able to use techniques such as Force whirlwind.[1]

Behind the scenes[]

Devore Korsin first appeared in Lost Tribe of the Sith: Precipice, a 2009 eBook written by John Jackson Miller.[1] Korsin went on to briefly appear in the novella's successor, Lost Tribe of the Sith: Skyborn,[5] and was mentioned in several[3] subsequent[7] sequels,[2] along with the 2012 reference book The Essential Reader's Companion.[8]



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