"I'm here to present you with an opportunity, Barriss. A rare and precious opportunity. Will you take it?"
―Fourth Sister, to Barriss Offee[1]

"Devoted" is the fourth episode of the animated anthology series Star Wars: Tales of the Empire. The episode premiered on May 4, 2024.

Official description[]

Former Jedi Barriss Offee is recruited by the Empire.

Plot summary[]

A second chance[]

Former Padawan Barriss Offee awakes in her prison cell after experiencing a nightmare of lightsabers and screams. She steps out of her bunk bed and peers through the viewport. In the distance, explosions engulf the Jedi Temple, marking the beginning of the Jedi Purge. Offee heads towards the red force field door and shouts for the guards. She asks the clone shocktroopers what is happening to the Jedi Temple. One of the troopers tells her to be glad she is not a Jedi anymore and that they won't exist by tomorrow.

Later, rain falls on the Imperial Inspectorate HQ and its surroundings. Offee is visited by a former Jedi named Lyn Rakish, who is now an Inquisitor known as the Fourth Sister When Offee asks what the Jedi Council wants, the Fourth Sister reveals that the Council no longer exists. The Fourth Sister recalls that Offee accused the Jedi of treason during her trial, and that this accusation has supposedly been proven by a failed Jedi assassination attempt on Supreme Chancellor Palpatine. When Offee asks what this means for her, the Fourth a sister tells her that she is here to present a rare and precious opportunity. Offee accepts and the Inquisitor releases her binders.

New recruits[]

Offee travels with the Fourth Sister to Fortress Inquisitorius on the watery moon of Nur. They find that the fortress is undergoing construction and is guarded by numerous Clone troopers. They walk to the main hall where Offee recognizes Dante and Ahmar, two former Jedi who survived the Purge. The Grand Inquisitor reveals that the Jedi Order has fallen and says they must build a new coven to ensure the security of the Galactic Empire. When Offee asks about the Empire, the Grand Inquisitor reveals that the Republic had been reorganized into the first Galactic Empire. The Grand Inquisitor explains that the Emperor needs them to restore order. If they prove themselves worthy in today's task, they will be permitted to join the coven.

The Grand Inquisitor gives leave for the recruits to go to their quarters but warns them not to leave until they meet again. In their cell, Ahmar tells Dante that they should escape, opining that the Inquisitorius is little better than the Jedi. Ahmar exits the cell. Offee voices disagreement but Ahmar asks why they should listen to her. Dante expresses concern that the others will be punished if he leaves. Ahmar says he doesn't care about his former peers.


Later, the Fourth Sister and several Clone troopers escort them to a training chamber where they are met by the Grand Inquisitor, who informs them that Ahmar perished in an "accident." Dante says that he had tried to warn Ahmar. The Grand Inquisitor agrees with Dante and tells the Fourth Sister to escort him away. He then ushers Offee into a turbolift, which takes them down into another training chamber. There is a table with several lightsabers. The Grand Inquisitor talks about the limits of Jedi training, which he believes limits people's full potential.

The Grand Inquisitor tells Offee to pick a lightsaber and attack him. Offee is reluctant since he is unarmed but complies. She draws a green lightsaber and tries to strike him several times. The Inquisitor tells her that she is hesitating and asks her to try again. Offee tries again but the Grand Inquisitor tells her that she is still fighting like a Jedi and urges her to go on the offensive. As the sparring continues, Offee fights aggressively. The Grand Inquisitor dodges her blows and strikes her in the face. Sensing her anger, he encourages her to continue before disarming her by hurling against the ceiling with the Force. As Offee rises to her feet, blood drips down her nose. When the Grand Inquisitor taunts her about mercy, she hurls him against a wall. The Grand Inquisitor is pleased with her progress.

Final test[]

Later Clone troopers escort Offee to another training chamber with a deep pit. The Grand Inquisitor and Fourth Sister watch from an observation deck. Dante later enters the chamber. The Grand Inquisitor is pleased with their progress but says that they have to compete for one place in the ranks of the Inquisitorius.

He throws down a lightsaber. A force field encircles the two of them. Offee attempts to reason with Dante, saying that they don't have to fight. Dante disagrees and grabs the red lightsaber, saying he embraces the future. Dante attempts to push Offee into the pit, resulting in a struggle. Before Dante can strike her down with the lightsaber, Offee Force chokes him, causing him to lose his balance and fall into the pit with the lightsaber. Deeming her worthy, the Fourth Sister and Grand Inquisitor induct her into the Inquisitorius, giving her a black helmet.


Later, Offee dons the black uniform of the Inquisitorius. In the main hall, she and the Grand Inquisitor are joined by the Fourth Sister, Marrok and an Unidentified Inquisitor. As they kneel, the Grand Inquisitor introduces them to this new master Darth Vader, who sits on the throne. Lord Vader invites them to rise while the Grand Inquisitor says "Long live the Empire." Offee and the other Inquisitors follow suit in repeating the chant. She dons her helmet.



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