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"It's too late for us, but perhaps we can spare some other vessel a similar fate."
―The ship's captain[src]

Dewback's Burden was a GR-75 medium transport that served with the New Republic Defense Force. It was named after the dewback, a common beast of burden. The ship was captained by a Duros officer and was crewed by a mix of different species, including Rodians, Mon Calamari, and Humans.

While leading a convoy carrying supplies to the world of Bhuna Sound, Dewback's Burden was ambushed by the TIE Pirates, having been caught coming out of hyperspace with its shields down. The pirates systematically destroyed its starfighter support, Green Squadron—composed of B-wings and Y-wings—and then surgically disabled its life support and ion drive systems.

With the ship lying dead in space, the Mon Calamari officer Saluc suggested that they prepare for boarding; however, the ship's captain recognized their approach. They were using an old Iska pirate ploy, towing the ship away while waiting for the lack of life support to kill off the entire crew without any losses to their own forces. The vessel's captain then ordered the ship's data to be downloaded into distress buoys which were then launched en masse. These eventually reached the New Republic High Command.

This valuable information was used by General Lando Calrissian to track down the pirates, utilizing specially-requested equipment, which included a cloaked starfighter and the aid of the former Imperial, Air Marshal Von Asch.



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