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"If you want juicy conversation and a hot cup of ardees, come to Dexter's Diner. If you want a good cup of ardees, try Biscuit Baron."
Slyther Bushforb[1]

Dex's Diner, originally Didi and Astri's Café or just Didi's Café, was a diner located in CoCo Town, Coruscant and was run by Dexter Jettster.


"The best eats in the CoCo Town streets"
―Dexter's Diner advertisement on HoloNet News[src]

Dex's Diner's Kowakian crumb cake

Located in a lower-income CoCo Town neighborhood near the Senate District, the grease-speckled restaurant attracted a steady clientele of itinerant freighter pilots and dockworkers, as well as oddball assortment of regulars. Many workers from the manufacturing area came for some juri juice, ardees (also called "Jawa juice"), or the popular sliders. Also served was fried nerf steak, protato wedges, and pickled gartro eggs. The food was oily and unhealthy, but also cheap and filling (and was misleadingly advertised as "the best eats in the CoCo Town streets"). It was rumored that Jettster salted his food with addictive drugs to create a craving that customers would return to satisfy.

Didi Oddo and his adopted daughter, Astri, owned the diner before the invasion of Naboo. They had the diner retrofitted with repulsorlifts for easy getaway, made by Astri Oddo to get away from her very frequent "accidents." After Astri Oddo married Bog Divinian, they sold the diner to Dexter Jettster and moved to the Outer Rim. Jettster had it remodeled in the Med'soto style that was common during the Golden Age of the Old Republic.

During Oddo's ownership, the diner was a frequent haunt of Jedi Master Qui-Gon Jinn. Oddo's knowledge gleaned from customers and backroom dealings was an invaluable resource to the Jedi Order, albeit an unconventional one. Jettster continued Oddo's legacy and became a good friend of Jedi Obi-Wan Kenobi, Jinn's Padawan. On one occasion, Kenobi visited the diner to ask about the origin of a poisoned saberdart Jango Fett used to kill his fellow bounty hunter associate Zam Wesell. Jettster was able to direct the Jedi to the planet Kamino, where Kenobi discovered a secret clone army in development for the Republic.

Renzii was a waiter who worked for Oddo, while the droid waitress FLO, R4-A22, and Human waitress Hermione Bagwa were employed by Jettster at the start of the Clone Wars.

Dex in the kitchen

With the rise of the Galactic Empire, Jettster became one of the Erased, eliminating records of his existence so as to not be prosecuted by the Empire for treason. The diner was destroyed when he went underground, but was later repaired, as Bagwa ran it throughout the Galactic Civil War.

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Dex's Diner is the level hub of LEGO Star Wars: The Video Game, containing gateways to each level and a shop for unlockable content. However, it is incorrectly referred to as "Dexter's Diner."


Dex's Diner advertisement in HoloNet News

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