"It was a humble start; I didn't have anything on the menu except donuts and fresh-brewed caf."
―The menu at Dex's Diner[2]

Dex's Donuts was a donut stand located on the planet Coruscant that sold donuts and caf. It was operated by the Besalisk Dexter Jettster, who opened the stand with the last of his savings. After Dex's Donuts was destroyed by a taxi driver by 27 BBY, Jettster was able to use settlement money from the air taxi company to open a proper diner, Dex's Diner.


"As you can imagine, it's not easy eking out a living selling food on the sidewalk."
―The menu at Dex's Diner[2]

Dex's Donuts was a small stand located on a sidewalk at the corner of Avenue Peth and Zevanth Street on the planet Coruscant. It sold only donuts and freshly brewed caf and was owned by the Besalisk chef Dexter Jettster, who was assisted by a Crisp-E-O donut droid.[2]


"As luck would have it, around that time an inattentive driver landed his air taxi on Dex's Donuts."
―The menu at Dex's Diner[2]

Dexter Jettster opened Dex's Donuts.

Jettster opened Dex's Donuts after using the last of his savings traveling to Coruscant, having been fed up with his previous jobs that had kept him on the run from police officers. Jettster later called the beginning of the stand a humble start, as it was difficult to make a living while selling sidewalk food, especially as much of the traffic was in airspeeders kilometers above. After a number of trying years, Jettster began to look into buying a new location that would serve as a real restaurant, but his modest income from the stand made such a venture seem impossible.[2]

Luckily for Jettster,[2] by 27 BBY,[1] an inattentive taxi driver crash-landed on the stand in his air taxi, obliterating it. Although Jettster was not initially fortunate—he had a cracked cranial crest and three broken arms—he received a settlement payment from the air taxi company and was able to open up a proper café called Dex's Diner. He continued to use the same donut droid there, and he included the story about Dex's Donuts in the diner's menu.[2]

Behind the scenes[]

"The idea that Dex started with a donut stand was modeled after the experience of Denny's founder Harold Butler, who began his business as Danny's Donuts."
―Gregory Walker[3]

Dex's Donuts was mentioned in "Dining at Dex's," a 2009 Hyperspace-exclusive article which was written by Gregory Walker and formatted as an in-universe menu.[2] Walker created Dex's Donuts in order to write a definitive story for the origin of Dex's Diner. He was inspired by the story of the founder of[3] the restaurant chain[4] Denny's, Harold Butler, who started his establishment as "Danny's Donuts."[3]


Notes and references[]

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