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Deysum III was a planet in the Deysum system of the Trax sector.


Deysum III was the first planet colonized in the Trax sector, and was named as the sector capital. Over the course of several hundred years, Deysum III's natural resources were exploited until they were depleted. The companies left the planet, leaving behind the bureaucracy. Deysum III's surface was a barren wasteland, full of pits of deadly chemicals and waterways polluted with toxic wastes. The planet's population lived in large, overcrowded cities,[2] including Dragnoor and Klerint,[3] and the wealthy lived in luxurious domes. The average citizen was forced to carry a sidearm to protect them against the criminal element that plagued the world, and often had to wait in line for hours for food. It was believed that the sector capital would be moved to a more hospitable planet.[2]

The planet served as the headquarters for the Alliance to Restore the Republic operative Vo Lantes.[4]

By 4 ABY, Deysum III had become an Imperial fortress world. The Empire abandoned the planet in 5 ABY.[5]



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