«They were lesser brothers. But I am Dezanti Zhug and am no lesser brother. Your journey ends here, human.»
―Dezanti Zhug, to Meetra Surik[src]

Dezanti Zhug was a Duros male bounty hunter from Duro who was a leader of the Zhug brothers bounty hunter organization. He and his fellow hunters were cast out from their homeworld after committing violent acts against a rival family, and they eventually settled on Nal Hutta's moon, Nar Shaddaa. His group began their hunt for Meetra Surik—a former Jedi Knight known as the Jedi Exile—after the local Exchange crime lord G0-T0 had set a bounty on the Jedi.

In 3951 BBY, after Surik arrived on the moon, several Zhug brothers attacked Surik and her companions without Dezanti, failing in their attempts. After Surik left Nar Shaddaa, Dezanti followed her to Iziz, the capital of Onderon. Both the Zhugs' Heraklon-class transport ship and Surik's freighter, the Ebon Hawk, were shot down by the Onderonian blockade amid the Onderon Civil War. After crash-landing on Onderon's moon Dxun, Dezanti and two of his fellow Zhug brothers tried to kill Surik but died in the attempt.


«The Exchange has put a bounty on your head, human. A very profitable amount. My family has accepted the job.»
―Dezanti Zhug, to Meetra Surik[src]

Dezanti Zhug, a leader of the Zhug brothers bounty hunter organization, was a Duros male from the planet Duro. The Zhug brothers, who considered themselves a "family" due their shared cause of bringing Duro under their control, were cast out from their homeworld after committing violent acts against a rival family, and they eventually settled on Nal Hutta's moon, Nar Shaddaa, commonly known as the "Smuggler's Moon."[1] Near the end of the Dark Wars,[2] G0-T0, the local Exchange crime lord on Nar Shaddaa, set a large bounty on Jedi, and the Zhug brothers began their hunt.[1]

In 3951 BBY,[2] the former Jedi Knight[1] Meetra Surik[3] arrived on the Smuggler's Moon, and G0-T0 gathered a meeting of various bounty hunter factions aboard his yacht, the Visionary. After the crime lord warned the bounty hunters of interfering with the Jedi while she was on the moon, Dezanti and Azanti Zhug—the Zhug leaders representing their organization in the meeting—proclaimed that G0-T0 was mad for not allowing them to hunt when she was finally so close after they had been searching for the Jedi around the galaxy. When Surik was invited to meet the Quarren Visquis—G0-T0's representative on the moon's surface—to discuss the bounty on her head, she was consequently captured and then imprisoned by the crime organization aboard the Visionary. The bounty hunters believed that the truce was off, taking the meeting as permission to begin their hunt. Too eager to wait for Dezanti to join them, Azanti and two other Zhug brothers attacked Surik's companions on the Smuggler's Moon, and eight Zhug brothers attacked Surik aboard the Visionary, unsuccessfully.[1]

A Heraklon-class transport ship—the same class as the Zhugs' freighter

After the Zhug brothers had failed in their attacks on Nar Shaddaa, Dezanti pursued Surik to the planet Onderon. As Surik's freighter, the Ebon Hawk,[1] and the Zhug brothers' Heraklon-class transport ship arrived in the Japrael system and attempted to land in the planet's capital, Iziz, both parties encountered a blockade prohibiting them from entering the planet's atmosphere.[1][4] Soon after the arrival of both ships, the blockading fleet opened fire on the Ebon Hawk.[1] During the following space battle of the Onderon Civil War, both ships were forced to land on Onderon's moon Dxun after taking damage from the Onderonian separatist forces.[1][4] After crash-landing on the moon, Dezanti and two of his surviving fellow Zhug brothers encountered Surik and two of her companions, who were traveling through the jungle. Dezanti stated that he wouldn't fail like the other Zhugs had before him, and he tried to intimidate Surik to surrender.[1]

The Jedi offered a sum of money for the Duro to leave her alone, which he denied, claiming he wouldn't break the deal he had made with G0-T0.[1]

After ordering his fellows to attack Surik and her companions, Dezanti and his minions were defeated and killed in the ensuing fight.[1]

Personality and traits[]

Dezanti and two brothers preying on Meetra Surik next to their wrecked ship

«I am Dezanti Zhug. You have heard of the Zhug family, yes? We are bounty hunters. Very effective, very famous.»
―Dezanti Zhug introduces himself to Meetra Surik[src]

Dezanti Zhug was an arrogant and disrespectful bounty hunter. He referred to the other Zhug brothers who had encountered Surik before him as "lesser brothers." His lack of respect was shown by how he belittled other bounty hunters and demeaned Surik. Also, like the Zhug brothers in general, he considered the Zhugs an effective and dangerous bounty hunter group. During his final encounter with Surik, Dezanti expressed how he despised deal-breaking.[1]

Behind the scenes[]

"Is the [sic] any way you could take care of the small female first?"
«I find your lack of manners distasteful. The small female is no threat to the Zhug family.»
―The Jedi Exile, trying to talk herself away from the Zhug brothers[src]

Dezanti Zhug was one of the the Zhug brothers, a minor villainous bounty hunter group featured in Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords, a video game released by Obsidian Entertainment at the end of 2004. In the game, the player controlling the Jedi Exile is allowed to visit several planets after leaving Telos IV.[1] This article assumes that the Jedi Exile visits Nar Shaddaa before traveling to Onderon's moon Dxun, as presented in Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords: Prima Official Game Guide.[2]

During the conversation between Dezanti and the Jedi Exile, the player can optionally simply call it a fight without trying to avoid it. If Mira—one of the bounty hunters on Nar Shaddaa—has joined the Exile's party and is with her when encountering Dezanti, it is possible to try to offer the Zhugs to fight with Mira first, which Dezanti refuses.[1]

Message to Spacers 9, an article written by Patrick Stutzman and released in 2007 as an online supplement for the Wizards of the Coast Star Wars Roleplaying Game, contained details of the events that led to the Zhug brothers crash-landing on Dxun, and the details and history of the ship model they used, revealing it to be the Heraklon-class transport ship.[4]



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