Dezsetes was an Admiral in the Imperial Navy, who was serving aboard the Imperial-class Star Destroyer Mathayus in 1 BBY, initially as Second Officer with the rank of Captain under Admiral Coy and First Officer Atali.


Dezsetes was part of a coup led by Grand Moff Trachta, aiming to overthrow Emperor Palpatine and Darth Vader and replace them with an oligarchy of senior military and paramilitary commanders. As the plot took shape, Dezsetes was promoted to second-in-command after the elimination of Officer Altai, and seized opportunities to display his capabilities to Vader, who was then using the Mathayus as his base of operations. When Dezsetes decided that Admiral Coy could not be counted on to join the coup, he murdered him in his quarters, and hiding the true nature of this incident, he seems to have been raised to Admiral by Vader in its aftermath.


The death of "Admiral" Dezsetes

With a cadre of Trachta's specially-conditioned stormtroopers, Dezsetes finally confronted Vader, only to see his vaunted troops utterly defeated and destroyed. Beaten and cornered, Dezsetes defiantly claimed that Palpatine had been killed on Coruscant by Trachta, prompting Vader to execute him. These events, relayed by HoloNet to the Imperial Palace, also led to the death of Moff Kadir, who had seized the leadership of the coup, and was at that moment attempting to persuade Palpatine of his continuing usefulness after its failure.



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