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"Most doctors tell you that they got into the business to save lives. Most of them are flaming liars. At least I'll tell you the truth, I'm in it for the credits."
―Dhagon Ghent, to Meetra Surik[1]

Dhagon Ghent was a male Human who served with the Mandalorian Neo-Crusaders during the Mandalorian Wars alongside future Mandalore Canderous Ordo. By the year 3951 BBY, he had become a doctor, living on the world of Onderon with his own private practice located near the Iziz Cantina, within the capital city of Iziz. That same year, he was arrested by the Onderon military in the wake of the murder of Captain Sullio, who had been a friend of his for some time previously. Misunderstanding the mechanics of their relationship, the investigating officers assumed that the heated argument that occurred between them was the motive. When Meetra Surik visited Iziz during her quest to find the Jedi Masters who had originally exiled her, specifically Master Kavar, she found evidence sufficient to prove that Ghent was not the one responsible for Sullio's demise. To show his appreciation for what she had done for him, Ghent set up a meeting between Surik and the former Jedi Council member Kavar, who had been serving Queen Talia as an adviser prior to and during the Onderon Civil War.


Early career[]

"I know Dhagon personally. He's one of the worst doctors I've ever heard of. But I can't see him deliberately killing someone."
―Captain Riiken[1]

During the Mandalorian Wars, Dhagon Ghent had served alongside future Mandalore Canderous Ordo during a number of battles. After the climactic defeat of the Mandalorians at the Battle of Malachor V, Ghent abandoned his Mandalorian trappings, choosing instead to relocate to the planet Onderon. There, he took up residence within the walled city of Iziz, that world's only city. While living there he became a doctor, setting up a private practice that was situated near the Iziz Cantina in the Merchant Quarter. Valuing credits over the well-being of his patients, he soon gained a dubious reputation as one of the city's worst medical professionals. While practicing medicine, however, he did develop friendships with many of his fellow citizens. Some of his most notable friendships included the pazaak player Nikko, as well as Riiken and Sullio, who both served as captains in the Onderon military and whose area of operations included the area where Ghent's practice was located. Ghent and the female officer, Sullio, often spent long nights sharing drinks together, sometimes overindulging and getting carried away in heated debates. When she was murdered in the market square not long before General Vaklu's attempted coup d'état, he was picked up and detained as a suspect in the crime, despite the fact that at that moment he had been meeting with Xaart, a covert diplomatic operative working for the Republic. The Onderonian military arrested Ghent based on witness testimony, which stated that he and Sullio had argued angrily; the authorities assumed that the level of malice between the pair gave Ghent a motive for the killing. This, however, was apparently a misunderstanding due to the nature of their relationship; while Ghent and Sullio were good friends, they often engaged in mock verbal duels that were easily, and often, misinterpreted by those who were not familiar with the duo.[1]

Involvement with the Exile[]

"No offense, but I hope I never see you again."
―Dhagon Ghent, to Meetra Surik[1]

Ghent's office in the Western Square of Iziz's Merchant Quarter.

Not long afterward, Meetra Surik, accompanied by Mandalore, arrived in Iziz intent on finding the Jedi Master Kavar, who was in hiding on that world. Ordo informed her that Ghent was the key to securing a meeting with the former Jedi Council member, as he had often served as a source of information in the past and had the political connections necessary to arrange contact. After learning of Ghent's predicament, the pair gathered clues from the crime scene and interviewed various patrons at the cantina, which included Nikko, who informed Surik of the nature of Ghent and Sullio's relationship; a Beast Rider named Panar; a slicer named Kiph, and the cantina's Bith owner, who provided insight into general goings-on at the establishment. In her search, Surik learned, through Panar, about a droid, S-0D3, that had witnessed the murder of Sullio. The team was soon able to acquire the remains of this droid and took it back to Kiph, in order to have its memories extracted.[1]

This section of the article assumes 100% game completion of Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords. Any alternate stories may be noted in the "Behind the scenes" section. The events in this section may or may not have been confirmed as canon within the Star Wars Legends continuity.

During the investigation of the murder, the party learned that at the precise moment of Sullio's death, Ghent had not been anywhere near the scene; instead the doctor was engaged in a meeting with a covert diplomatic operative in his office. A veteran of the Mandalorian Wars who had served alongside Surik at the Battle of Dagary Minor, Xaart had been sent to Onderon by the Republic in order to uncover and pass on information about the unfolding crisis in Iziz, and the effects of a possible Onderonian secession during the lead-up to the Onderon Civil War. After learning this, Mandalore expressed his displeasure at the actions of Ghent, who was helping to serve the interests of the enemy they had once fought.[1]

With the evidence they had compiled, the two were able to help secure Ghent's release from custody. As a reward, Ghent agreed to provide Surik with information on the whereabouts of Jedi Master Kavar, who was serving as an adviser and bodyguard for Onderon's ruler, Queen Talia. The information, he advised Surik, was located on a set of holodiscs that he would provide her with once they were able to reach his office. Likewise, to further show his appreciation for what Surik had done, and realizing that tensions on Onderon were escalating to new levels, Ghent agreed to set up a meeting between Surik and Kavar.[1]

While Ghent had been under arrest, however, his clinic had been looted by a gang of Beast Riders led by Bakkel. After being freed, Ghent asked Surik to recover the set of encrypted holodiscs that Bakkel had stolen from him so that he could contact Kavar. Due to his status as a Jedi Master, Kavar had wished to keep a low profile in light of the continuing shadow campaign against the remnants of the Jedi Order. Ghent stated that these discs contained the necessary covert contact information, and that without them such a meeting would be impossible to arrange without detection. Within a few hours after securing the holodiscs, Ghent was able to secure a meeting with Kavar for Surik, which took place in the cantina he so often frequented. However, the meeting did not go as planned; Colonel Tobin, along with a number of soldiers under his command, interrupted the proceedings in the hope of either capturing or neutralizing the two Jedi. Kavar, however, was able to use the Force to stun Tobin's troops, allowing the respective parties to escape; while the Jedi Master returned to the Queen's side, Surik was able to fight her way to the spaceport and leave the planet. Ghent, however, had chosen not to attend the meeting.[1]

Personality and traits[]

"A little dirt never killed anyone. Well, maybe a few people. But they didn't pay too well, so they got what they deserve."
―Dhagon Ghent[1]

Ghent was well-known within the Merchant Quarter of the walled city of Iziz, and in particular the Bith-owned cantina located there. Possessing a cynical, witty and often sarcastic personality, he held the earning of credits as his first priority. Because of this, he was often described as being the worst doctor that one could ever have the misfortune to be treated by. He also had a well-earned reputation for heavy social drinking, often having mock fights with Captain Sullio. Although the two were never romantically involved, they were both good friends; nevertheless, when he heard about her murder, Ghent's reaction was little more than what he would express when losing a patient on the operating table. He had little interest in collecting on the well-publicized bounty on Jedi and bore no malice toward them; however, he did regard them as interestingly cryptic, particularly the Jedi Master Kavar.[1]

Behind the scenes[]

Dhagon Ghent was created by the developers at Obsidian Entertainment for the game Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords. His involvement with the player character is essential to completing the game, as he holds the key to finding one of the lost Jedi Masters as part of the main plot and quest. Since he plays no further part in the game after the player's initial meeting with Kavar, there is no alternate dark side storyline with Ghent. It is, however, optional to speak to Xaart and learn of Ghent's alibi.[2]

The name Dhagon Ghent is also spelled "Dhagon Gent" in the game. Both versions appear thirty-six times each within the dialog.tlk file, which governs many aspects of the game, so it is unclear which one is correct.[3]

If Nikko is spoken to after Vaklu's men interrupt the meeting, he will announce his intentions to warn Dhagon to leave Iziz as Vaklu will not take long to figure out he was the one who set up the meeting. It's most likely that after your first visit, Dhagon found transport off world and is no longer on Onderon.[1]



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