"Dhandu's third moon is just the first stop."
―Mahjo Reeloo[3]

Dhandu was a planet located in the the Interior[2] and the Expansion Region,[1] in grid square I-8 on the Standard Galactic Grid.[4] It was orbited by at least three moons, including Dhandu 3, whose low-gravity grassland was home to the Dhanduese, a species of avian sentients.[3]

During the Imperial Era, Mahjo Reeloo, a clone created by Kaminoan scientist Kolac Pru, hired the smugglers Han Solo and Chewbacca to take her to Dhandu's third moon, where she recovered a security key for a deposit box in the Undervaults of Gwongdeen.[3] Eloc Throno, a historian and author, included a map with the location of Dhandu in his Traveler's Guide to Batuu, a book that detailed the planet Batuu.[1]

Behind the scenes[]

Dhandu was first mentioned in Pirate's Price, a novel written by Lou Anders and published in 2019.[3]


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