«Don't you Oga me, you walking catastrophe. Get off my planet and don't ever come back or I'll mount your head on the bar with the droids.»
―Oga Garra[src]

Dhoran was a Wookiee male who was the lover of Oga Garra, the crime boss of Black Spire Outpost on Batuu. Garra caught Dhoran with one of her waitresses, Meeba, and ordered him to leave the planet under the threat of death. When Dhoran dismissed Garra's demand, the crime boss shot and killed him.[2]

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  1. According to a timeline shown at D23 2019, the events of Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge take place in 34 ABY. As Galaxy's Edge: Black Spire, in which Dhoran appears, is a prequel to the events of Galaxy's Edge, it must also take place in 34 ABY.
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