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The Diamond-class cruiser, also known simply as the Commerce Guild Starship, was a class of cruiser used by the Commerce Guild. Forty-one such ships were involved in the Battle of Geonosis, which started the Clone Wars.[2]


The Diamond-class cruiser,[1] also referred to as the Commerce Guild Starship,[2] was a cruiser class of the Commerce Guild. It was half-disk shaped and could dock vertically on a planet's surface.[3]


The Diamond-class cruiser was used for defense, such as when it was used to secure Commerce Guild interests on the Perlemian Trade Route.[1]


Diamond BG

Diamond-class cruisers were stationed on the planet of Geonosis during the first battle of the Clone Wars.

When the Commerce Guild joined the Confederacy of Independent Systems, Diamond-class cruisers were added to the Confederacy navy as a small capital ship.[1] During the Battle of Geonosis, which initiated the Clone Wars, forty-one Diamond-class cruisers were stationed on the surface, although five did not escape the battle.[2] During the Clone Wars, Diamond-class cruisers and Recusant-class destroyers, supported by Commerce Guild corvettes and Commerce Guild bombers, defended planets with Commerce Guild interests off of the Perlemian Trade Route such as Castell, Escarte, Felucia, Mooga and Minntooine.[1]

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The Diamond-class cruiser[1] first appeared in the 2002 Star Wars saga film Star Wars: Episode II Attack of the Clones.[3] It was later identified as the Commerce Guild Starship in the 2016 canon reference book Star Wars: Complete Locations,[2] and as the Diamond-class cruiser in the 2019 canon Rise of the Separatists.[1]



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