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"Finding a real diamond should not be that difficult―carbon is one of the more common elements."
Elegos A'Kla to Corran Horn[src]

Diamonds were gemstones valued by pirates. They could be worth anywhere from one thousand to three thousand credits per Coruscant Standard Carat. A large number of mines were located on Arkania.

A stylus used by Yaru Korsin in 3000 BBY was made of diamond.

Uvak-mounted Keshiri of the Alanciari military's air force successfully used diamonds as a flak projectile weapon.

Corran Horn used a diamond in the construction of his dual-phase lightsaber. However, the first gem he used turned out to be Kubaz xirkonia instead, which burned out during a confrontation with Shala the Hutt. Corran later replaced it with a real diamond.

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