"Every legend about the Rings of Vaale mentions a haunted city made of living stone and an ancient sect dedicated to guarding them. Before the university expelled me, I discovered that all records point to this planet: Dianth in the Malitoris system."
―Eustacia Okka[src]

Dianth was a planet located in the Malitoris system. It was home to the city of Vaale. Supposedly made of living stone, the city was the location of the artifact known as the Rings of Vaale. According to legend, the curse of the Rings corrupted the entire planet. Several explorers attempted to visit Dianth, but few survived, and those that did were driven mad by their experience. While working as a professor at the Shadow University, Doctor Eustacia Okka learned of Dianth and the Rings of Vaale, but was later expelled for having insufficient credible academic research.[1]

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