Nico Diath

Nico Diath, famed nomad Jedi Master

"The Diath clan…has produced a great number of Jedi Masters."
Obi-Wan Kenobi[src]

The Diath family was a famous Jedi bloodline associated with the planet Tatooine.

The world was abandoned between the Old Sith Wars and 100 BBY, so presumably the family relocated to another world for the intervening centuries before eventually returning to their home planet in the decades before the Clone Wars. This family seemed to be an unlucky one, thanks to many deaths in times of war.

Family treeEdit

Sidrona Diath--+--Unknown female
           Dace Diath
     (Unknown generations)
      |                 |
Nico Diath       Unknown sibling--+--Unknown spouse
                              Tae Diath



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