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The Diatium power cell was the primary power source for a lightsaber and one of the critical components of a lightsaber hilt. Located directly below and wired into the primary crystal mount, to which was affixed the weapon's primary focusing crystal, these types of power cells were in turn wrapped within the power field conductor, power vortex ring and an inert power insulator. The lightsaber's pommel cap and its recharging port were attached directly to the diatum cell.


The beam of plasma produced from a lightsaber was contained by a type of magnetic or energy field that recycled the energy back into the diatium power cell when not in contact with other lightsabers or objects. This greatly conserved the energy of a diatium power cell, although it still needed occasional replacements.

Due to the power cell's natural recharging abilities (a recharge socket was usually not required), it was ideal for a melee weapon such as a lightsaber. If assembled correctly, a power cell could last indefinitely and require no further maintenance from the operator.

If modified correctly, power cells could be overcharged to enhance the power of the blade. A hazardous and dangerous undertaking, modifying a diatium power cell risked unbalancing a near-perfect system. Unpredictable when overcharged, the lightsaber blade produced was prone to fluctuations in strength.[1]



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