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Dicer was a human female pilot who flew under the callsign Phoenix Six[2] in 3 BBY.[source?] She was a lieutenant in Phoenix Cell, a fleet composed of A-wing starfighters, and operating under the command of Jun Sato. During her deployment at the recently established Chopper Base on the planet Atollon, Dicer was tasked with placing a sensor beacon on the eastern end of the base for protection against any unwelcome visitors. After placing the sensor, Dicer was taken by a krykna, a spider-like creature native to the planet, and presumably eaten. Dicer's disappearance was reported to Sabine Wren, who decided to go looking for her with the help of clone trooper Rex. When they arrived on the scene, all they found was her A-wing and her helmet.[2]

Behind the scenes[edit | edit source]

Dicer appeared in "The Mystery of Chopper Base," an episode of the second season of the animated television series Star Wars Rebels. She was voiced by Ashley Eckstein, who also plays former Jedi Ahsoka Tano in the series. Her name is spelled "Deiser" in the episode's credits.[2] Dicer was identified as Mia Dicer in the Google Play Store page for the mobile game Star Wars: Starfighter Missions, but the name wasn't included in the game.[3]

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