"You will obtain any Sith artifacts in Alema Rar's possession. You will also capture Alema Rar, or, if circumstances warrant, kill her."
"It will be my pleasure."
―White Eyes and Dician[1]

Dician, a female Human, was a Sith Lord and member of the One Sith, serving at the time of the Second Galactic Civil War. In 40 ABY, before the One Sith had revealed themselves to the galaxy, Dician acted as an agent operating away from the Sith world of Korriban. While doing so, she used a number of cover identities in order to hide her true affiliation from outsiders.

When the fallen Twi'lek Jedi Alema Rar contacted the One Sith to gain support for the new Sith Lord Darth Caedus, following the death of Dark Lady of the Sith Lumiya, Dician investigated the whereabouts of Rar as well as the potential threat she posed to the Order. Working undercover, Dician infiltrated the New Jedi Order by impersonating a Confederation intelligence agent, and she collected a considerable amount of information on Rar from the Jedi Order's own hunt for the Twi'lek. Presenting her findings to a conclave of Sith on Korriban, Dician convinced them to devote resources to locating Rar and destroying the asteroid residence of Darth Vectivus, which both Lumiya and Rar had inhabited. The conclave tasked Dician with the mission, ordering her to capture or kill Alema Rar.

Taking the heavily armed frigate Poison Moon to the asteroid's location, Dician engaged the renowned Millennium Falcon, which was also in the area, while she sent shuttles out to set up explosive charges on the asteroid. During the engagement, an ancient Sith Meditation Sphere, Ship, rose from the asteroid. Learning the meditation sphere was heading to the original Sith homeworld of Ziost, Dician ordered the destruction of the asteroid base before the Poison Moon headed to follow Ship. After arriving at Ziost, Dician contacted Ship and asked it to serve her; however, the meditation sphere refused. Angry at the dismissal, Dician ordered the Poison Moon to pick up the shuttle crews they had left behind at the asteroid base before returning to Korriban.


Undercover Sith[]

"I would not aid the Jedi, but they must think of me as an ally. And having proved myself a legitimate intel officer, I received a considerable amount of information on their hunt for Alema Rar…which must necessarily include information and speculation about her."
―Dician, addressing the Sith conclave[1]

The female Human[1] Sith Lord[2] Dician was a member of the One Sith during the time of the Second Galactic Civil War. In 40 ABY, long before the One Sith revealed themselves to the galaxy at large, Dician served as an agent operating away from the Sith world of Korriban, where the Order was in hiding. She worked undercover, and used a number of cover identities to hide her true affiliation from outsiders while working to further the Order's agenda.[1]

Alema Rar, the Dark Jedi whom Dician sought

After the death of Dark Lady of the Sith Lumiya, fallen Twi'lek Jedi Alema Rar felt that it was now up to her to enable Lumiya's apprentice, Sith Lord Jacen Solo, to achieve his Sith rule of the galaxy.[3] Rar used information stored on a datachip in Lumiya's asteroid base, the Home, to locate the One Sith Order on Korriban, which Lumiya had once mentioned, in order to gain support for Solo. Traveling to Korriban, Rar approached the One Sith to seek assistance in aiding Solo in his quest to bring order to the galaxy as a Sith Lord.[1] Lumiya had previously communicated with the One Sith to consider an alliance, however Lumiya had disagreed with the One Sith's plan to wait and grow strong, believing that by the time One Sith were ready to act, the Jedi would be too strong to defeat.[3] The One Sith were wary of Rar's intentions and gave her an ersatz holocron of Darth Vectivus as a gift to demonstrate their mocking appreciation of Solo's status as a Sith. However, the holocron contained a tracking device so the Order could monitor Rar's movements. When Rar left Korriban, Dician was tasked with gathering information on the Twi'lek.[1]

As part of her mission Dician worked undercover, impersonating a Confederation intelligence agent, and she convinced the New Jedi Order that she was a legitimate intel officer. Although she had no intention of aiding the Jedi, to make them think of her as an ally, Dician offered them her help in the Jedi Order's own search for Rar, who was the primary suspect behind Jedi Master Mara Jade Skywalker's murder. The Jedi provided Dician with considerable information about their hunt, which included information and speculation about the Twi'lek. After the tracking device in the Sith holocron traced Rar's location back to the Home, and once she had collected information on the former Jedi, Dician met with an assembly of Sith Lords back on Korriban to convince them to commit resources to pursuing Rar. In her report to the Sith conclave, Dician recounted how she had worked with the Jedi during the mission.[1]

Hearing of Dician's actions, many of the other Sith in the conclave greatly disagreed with her decision, objecting to the idea that she might have aided the Jedi. Dician defended herself on the grounds that the information she had gleaned was worth the risk, as it came to her attention that among the resources Rar inherited from Lumiya was the lost technique of Darth Vectivus; the ability to project phantoms across space. Some of the Sith dismissed this information, as they believed that Darth Vectivus was a fraud, while others commented that the ability could benefit them all. The One Sith raised the possibility that Rar's actions could be turned to benefit their own purposes. However, this was quickly dismissed as Rar was believed to be insane.[1]

A white-eyed man who appeared to lead the conclave stated that they must capture Rar and extract the secret of the technique from her, as well as capture Darth Vectivus's asteroid, which was the power source for the technique. Dician regretfully informed the white-eyed man that the Jedi were homing in on Rar and once they learned of the asteroid base's location, the secret of the phantom technique would be impossible to preserve. The white-eyed man agreed, and gave her command of the heavily armed frigate Poison Moon for a mission to capture or kill Alema Rar, with orders to locate and destroy Darth Vectivus's asteroid base, the Home, and to take any Sith artifacts she found.[1]

Hunting Alema Rar[]

"We will make our run on the Falcon, and we will be perfect. We will launch our crews to raid the habitat and situate the bombs on the asteroid, and we will be—what will we be?"
"That's right. Perfect."
―Dician and the crew members of the Poison Moon[1]

Taking the Poison Moon to the location of the asteroid base, Dician allowed her chief pilot, Wayniss, an aging pirate and smuggler, to navigate through the asteroid field. Wayniss knew nothing of the Force and would have reacted incuriously to the news that Dician was a member of the Sith Order. Dician approved of him as he gave good value for his pay and remained loyal so long as the credits kept coming, making him reliable and predictable. They traced the source of the tracking device they had placed in the holocron given to Rar and identified their target. Dician ordered Wayniss to make a stealthy approach and keep asteroids between them and the base for as long as possible. Her sensor officer, a Hapan woman named Ithila, announced that she had picked up readings of two other ships in the vicinity. Dician ordered them to continue their approach as ordered, but to prepare their weapons and be ready to make a fast run from the final asteroid to their target.[1]

As they made their way through the asteroids, Ithila informed Dician that one of the ships they had detected was a Corellian light freighter with a distinctive disk shape. Dician instantly requested the ship's markings and modifications be compared with known records of the Millennium Falcon, believing that it was likely to be the ship that would show up wherever trouble was brewing. Ithila confirmed it was a match, leading Dician to contemplate the bragging rights she could boast by capturing or destroying the freighter, and ridding the galaxy of the infamous Han Solo, its owner. She also considered the possibility that Jedi Knight Leia Organa Solo, who Dician deemed a traitor to the noble Sith name of Skywalker, was onboard, which would double her pleasure at destroying the Falcon. Dician told her crew to make no mistakes, telling them that although they had superior firepower and the element of surprise, none of that meant anything if they made a mistake. Dician ordered them to continue their approach, make a run on the Falcon, and destroy the asteroid base.[1]

As they approached the Falcon's position, Dician noticed an odd occurrence as something brushed against her in the Force and then seemed to settle all over the Poison Moon. Less than a minute later, the crew noticed a second odd occurrence; their sensors showed that the Falcon was making evasive maneuvers as if it were engaged in a dogfight, despite there being no opponent on the sensor board. Dician ordered her crew to wait until the Falcon was oriented away from them before beginning their run; once she determined that the Falcon had detected them she would order all weapons to open fire on the freighter and all of the Poison Moon's shuttles to launch in order to place their explosive charges on the asteroid.[1]

Pursuing Ship[]

"You have all served well and brilliantly. Now, as our smuggler pilot might say, it is time to close this deal."
―Dician, before contacting Ship[4]

A Sith Meditation Sphere of the same type as Ship

Dician's crew began their attack on the Millennium Falcon and the asteroid base but having no luck in destroying the Falcon due to Han Solo's piloting skills. Their sensors picked up a starfighter-sized craft launching from the asteroid base, and Ithila reported that the vessel was empty. Dician recognized it as the ancient Sith Meditation Sphere Ship, which Rar had brought to Korriban previously when first contacting the One Sith, and realized that if it was empty, then Rar was still on the asteroid. Dician concluded that destroying the Falcon would only have earned her considerable personal prestige, but the meditation sphere was an important and tangible prize, and so ordered her crew to follow the sphere.[1]

Confirming that the Poison Moon's shuttles had planted their charges on the asteroid, she told her shuttles to congregate on the largest asteroid in the area so that they could be retrieved later. Dician reached out to the meditation sphere telepathically and asked it where it was going, without expecting an answer. However, Ship informed her it was heading to the original Sith homeworld of Ziost. Dician ordered Wayniss to lay in a course for Ziost and head there with all speed, so that they might beat the sphere there and apprehend it on its arrival. Just before entering hyperspace, Dician ordered the detonation of the charges to ensure the destruction of the asteroid base and Alema Rar, congratulating her crew on what she considered the perfect resolution to a perfect mission.[1]

Arriving at Ziost, Dician could sense the former homeworld of the Sith before she could see it. Suppressing her excitement to avoid it interfering with her mission to capture the meditation sphere, Dician ordered Wayniss to take the Poison Moon into orbit around the planet. Having reached the planet ahead of the meditation sphere, Dician and her crew did not have to wait long before Ship arrived in the system. She contacted the meditation sphere through the Force, offering it the chance to come with her to Korriban and serve the One Sith. Realizing that Ship had been designed to protect and educate Sith apprentices, Dician told Ship that it would serve her and fulfill its intended purpose by teaching the Sith younglings on Korriban. After scrutinizing the Sith Lord, Ship refused, stating that with the Jedi growing strong and numerous, it was not time to hide as the One Sith were. Ship would not serve Dician and left to find a better purpose. Angry at her dismissal by Ship, Dician ordered her crew to return to the location of the Home to pick up the shuttle crews they had left behind before heading back to Korriban.[4]

Personality and traits[]

"What are we?"
"Perfect, Captain."
"That's right."
―Dician, to her sensor officer Ithila[1]

Dician had a light musical voice,[1] which often deceived others into believing she was more harmless than she actually was. She also had pale geometric tattoos on her cheeks that stood out in sharp contrast to her dark skin tones,[4] in line with the One Sith's later tradition of having all members covered in Sith tattoos.[5] Dician was bold, standing her ground in front of the conclave of Sith on Korriban despite many reacting badly to her potentially aiding the Jedi. She expected perfection from both herself and those under her command, regularly reminding them of this during their mission to track down Alema Rar.[1] Dician believed that nothing less than perfection served the dark side of the Force fully.[4]

As a member of the One Sith, Dician put the good of the Order above her own yearnings. While waiting for Ship in orbit over Ziost, Dician wanted to land the Poison Moon and walk the forests of Ziost as other Sith had done in ages past. However, she resisted the urge in order to complete her mission for the Order. After Ship refused to serve her, Dician realized that by pursuing the meditation sphere rather than destroying the Millennium Falcon, she had done what she threatened her crew not to do—made a mistake.[4]

Powers and abilities[]

As a member of the One Sith, Dician was Force-sensitive and was able to sense beings in the Force. She was also able to communicate telepathically with the Sith Meditation Sphere.[1]

Working as an undercover agent for the One Sith, Dician was skilled in the arts of espionage and deception. While investigating Alema Rar, Dician was able to convince the Jedi Order that she was a legitimate Confederation intelligence agent without revealing her true nature.[1]

Behind the scenes[]

Dician was created by author Aaron Allston when writing the 2007 Star Wars: Legacy of the Force novel Legacy of the Force: Fury, as a member of the secretive Sith Order encountered by Alema Rar on Korriban.[1] The Sith Order was later identified as being the same order portrayed in the Star Wars: Legacy comics.[6] In the 2008 reference book The Complete Star Wars Encyclopedia, it was revealed that Dician was a Sith Lord in the entry for the Sith Meditation Sphere Ship.[2] Dician later appeared in the second novel of the Fate of the Jedi series, Fate of the Jedi: Omen, written by Christie Golden and released in June 2009.[4]



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