Diego Dionisio Luna Alexander (born December 29, 1979) is a Mexican actor[1] who portrayed Cassian Jeron Andor in Rogue One: A Star Wars Story.[2]

His mother Fiona Alexander, a British costume designer, died in a car accident when Luna was just two years old. Luna's father, Alejandro Luna, was and still is a highly praised Mexican set designer, providing Luna with the opportunity to act in movies and TV shows in his country. Luna's first role on TV was in 1991, in the movie 'The Last New Year', and he continued to play mostly minor parts until his success cast as Tenoch Iturbide in the 2001 film 'Y Tu Mamá También'.

Luna was born in Mexico City, Mexico, and he is the co-founder of Canana Films with his childhood best friend, Gael Garcia Bernal. Luna met his wife, Camila Sodi in 2006, on the set of 'The Night Buffalo'. He has two children, Jerónimo (in 2008), and Fiona (in 2012). 

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