"The Corellian leaders stopped trusting their own people, and put more and more of the same sort of restrictions on them. And with the Imperial government propping up the Corellian Diktat—that's what they called their chief of state—the Diktat could do whatever he wanted without any fear of the people protesting."
Leia Organa Solo[1]

Diktat was the title of the head of state of Corellia.


Created following the dissolution of the monarchy, the Diktat, perhaps also known as the office of Governor-General, was more favorable to the Corellian shipping and commercial interests than the kings had been. Later, under the Galactic Empire, the Diktat was an Imperial nominee and leader of the Corellian sector. This meant that the Diktat could be considered a de facto Moff, though as of 7 BBY the Corellian Sector also had a Moff independent of the Diktat. How this affected governance of the sector is unclear. After the death of Emperor Palpatine, the Diktat became a mouthpiece of the Sacorrian Triad. When the New Republic gained control of Corellia, they replaced the Diktat with a Governor-General.

The holder of the office of Diktat was chosen by the Corellian Council every twenty years. The Corellian Council was made up of several corporate representatives and large city representatives. If the ruling Diktat died in office, one of his advisers or siblings was chosen (known as the Protat) and would be allowed to finish the Dikat's term. The Diktat could run for an unlimited number of terms. He could also be voted out at any time by the Corellian Council.

In the years before the Clone Wars, Shyla Merricope served as Diktat. When she abandoned the position at the beginning of the Clone Wars she was replaced by Dupas Thomree who died in 2 BBY. Daclif Gallamby held the position until 12 ABY, when he was replaced with Governor-General Micamberlecto. During the Yuuzhan Vong War, Thrackan Sal-Solo styled himself Diktat, though his formal title was Governor-General.



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