"No one else is on this planet, are they?"
"No. Dil Pexton said your parents have exclusive rights."
Milo Graf and CR-8R[src]

Dil Pexton was a male Sullustan[1] who served as an agent for the Grafs, a family of cartographers in Wild Space. He helped the family establish deals for the maps and data they collected, and he assisted them in locating a remote, uncharted swampworld to explore.[2]

Later, after the parents were abducted by Captain Visler Korda of the Galactic Empire, the children Lina Graf and Milo Graf traveled to Thune to get his assistance. Once there, Pexton invited them to his store, where Lina joined them in order to give files which had been transmitted to their droid Crater. She was then captured by Korda, who had forced Pexton to assist the Empire or he would be arrested. They convinced Milo to join them at Merchant's Bridge. Pexton tried to subdue Crater, but he was stunned and arrested by the Empire.[1]

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Dil Pexton appears in Cavan Scott's young adult series Adventures in Wild Space.


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